Israel admitted giving Ethiopian Jewish immigrants birth-control injections

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Jun 24, 2013.

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    We should be doing this with every woman on welfare/food stamps or other government hand out. If they want kids, they can get a job so they can afford them themselves.
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    I thought that was all done away by Bill Clinton?
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    What? Welfare or birth control?
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    Its funny the left is all about diversity in U.S. but I seriously doubt we will be seeing those same lefitist going after Isreal on this..

    Which is about an egregious case of anti diversity I think you will see.

    Lets compare the media reaction this to say that cook who used the n word 30 years ago.

    I would say the violation by Isreal is abut 10,000 times worse.

    I wonder if the media will give it similar or less attention.
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    + 1,001
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    It is a complicated issue, as everything seems to be debated to the minutae these days in Washington:

    Obama was simply trying to adapt to the current economic conditions. Clintons plan is correct in a prospering economy. Obamas plan is more concientous in a near depression state. The key is to have both a hammer and a screwdriver in your toolbox when one or the other won't do. Currently we tie other programs to economic indicators. For example, the inflation rate affects other payouts from the government. Why shouldn't the same be for welfare?

    That birth control and welfare are tied together is well known and has many correlations. For example the original post in this thread, or:

    Except for population issues, no one cares how many children you have if you can pay for them until they can fend for themselves. It is a horrible situation and history will look back and say "these people were desperate."
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