israel about to start ww3

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  1. there unchecked agression and arrogance and total destruction of a peaceful nation is about to cause there own destruction. russia can no longer watch this take place and will react soon . we know why hitler was so fearful of jews
  2. BSAM


    Hmmm......Oh where to begin??? Let me try this:

    1. Post is in the wrong forum.

    2. You seem a bit mixed up here. Your lead sentence is in reference to Hezbollah, no?

    3. Don't worry about Israel, it'll be there when this one is over.

    4. Russia react? What's that mean?

    5. The last sentence.....Well, let me just say, I'm so glad I'm not you.
  3. Where is the moderator?

    Don't folks know that Chit Chat is about "nice" things, not mean things like war.

    You know, Chit Chat should be about how to get rid of love handles, what light reading to take on a trip, caffeine addiction, how to play cards....important stuff like that.

  4. LOL, You're an idiot if you think Russia will get involved. They don't give a flying fuck about either Jews or Camelfuckers, they are enjoying the show and will be absolutely ecstatic if this whole thing turns nuclear (without their participation), their oil will cost that much more. Besides russians can't fight anyway even if they wanted too, they are too drunk.
  5. Still, the Russians did a fine job <b>kicking Nazi ass</b>!

  6. Now is it me, or does zz genuinely sound bitter since they spun off pol/rel ?
  7. It is just you.

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  8. Bitchin' already. If you can't handle the new workload on ET with the increased pay, why do you complain here?

    As has been pointed out before, you really are slipping as a professional troll.

    Do you want us to start a fund for you Z? Will you go to AA and a psychiatrist once a week if ET pays for it?
  9. They suffered about 29 million casulties, not exactly what I'd call ass kicking, but they did achieve the strategic objective of driving the Nazis out and caputuring e. Europe.
  10. Oh, I have found that it takes no professionalism at all to suck and expose the ET loozers for the fools they are....

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