Israel about to attack Iran

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  2. and you know this how, do you have a link?
  3. no link but think about it:
    - Bush, while on his tour in Asia, mentioned that the US cannot attack Iran because they don't have enough intelligence about the targets but
    - he understands why Israel could attack in order to preemptively defend itsel and
    - he understands Israel has enough intelligence with respect to nuclear targets and
    - current estimates of centrifuges is around 300 to 600 but Iran will have enough lined up to produce a bomb by spring 2007 (at least that's what is being circulated)
    - so Iran need to be attacked asap
    - so now that Thanksgiving is out the way, this needs to be done before Xmas/NY so that almost everybody enjoy a peaceful holiday or it could be done in January/Feb/March when wars in the ME are usually waged (a strike now would be much more effective) and the dems are in power

    So we have a scenario where the US are pushing Israel to attack Iran without getting involved unless it gets ugly and Syria gets involved (Iraq and Syria getting closer to Iran).

    It is in the interest of the US administration to have total war in the ME as
    - it should imply limited US casualties through extensive use of high tech weapons
    - it will justify increased spending for the renewal of the US war apparatus
    - there will be no winner among local participants
    - local participants will be on their knees when the conflict ends
    - the US will have an opportunity to extend its presence in the region through a new Marshall plan
    - there is also a religious aspect not to be discarded through the possible mutual annihilation of local participants but this maybe too farfetched
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  7. My sources at the White House told me that the Iran war will start tonight just after the I Love Lucy show.

    This was also confirmed by my other sources inside the Pentagon.
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    If you are basing the timing of the war on the holiday schedule, well then you have problems...
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    offer your own scenario before criticizing others. get a tuneup.
  10. Yes, we need a radical major confrontation or the US will cease to exist as we know it in within next 50 years.
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