Israel a rogue nation...

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  1. WASHINGTON - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stoked the growing feud with the U.S. on Monday, refusing to back off on Israel's plans to build in East Jerusalem.

    "The building in Jerusalem, and in all other places, will continue in the same way as has been customary over the last 42 years," he told a meeting of his Likud Party called to address the diplomatic crisis with Israel's closest ally.

    The U.S. has demanded Israel reverse course on plans to build 1,600 housing units to expand an ultra-Orthodox community in East Jerusalem or face the possibility that "indirect" talks with the Palestinians through U.S. special envoy George Mitchell will be scrapped.

    Netanyahu later told the Knesset that "for the past 40 years, no Israeli government ever limited construction in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem."

    Netanyahu's stance set up a potential clash next week with Secretary of State Clinton when both address the pro-Israel American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington. Clinton told MSNBC that Israel's announcement of the settlement plan last week during a visit by Vice President Biden was "an insult to the U.S."

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  3. George Mitchell cancelled his trip to the Zionist entity to express his, and his adminstraton's outrage toward the state terrorism carried by Israel.
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    Nearly all of our congressmen have been purchased by AIPAC so Netanyahu knows he can do whatever he bloody well wants.
  5. Why do you say "our congressman", your obviously not American. Seems like a lot of foreign posters like to way in on American affairs under the guise that they themselves are American.

    Maybe you should worry about your own country?
  6. At least Israel has a leader who is an adult, can't say the same for the US.
  7. Israel is a rogue nation because it does not take orders from Washington, right?
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    I am an American, you jerk. But you are right -- they're not my congressmen. 99.75% of them don't represent me in any way.

    BTW, you must be an American (who attended our public schools).
    The phrase is "weigh in on American affairs", not "way in on American affairs".
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    No, it's a rogue nation because it keeps stealing more and more land from the Palestinians.
  10. :D Too damn funny.
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