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  1. Two NYMEX unleaded gasoline / heating oil option market makers seek clerk.

    Hours are approximately 8:00am to 3:30pm.

    Primary responsibilities:
    1. reconciliation of traders' position
    2. use of hand signals to communicate futures market conditions and communicate execution of futures orders from futures ring

    You should be:
    1. a graduate of a top college or university
    2. quick and accurate with arithmetic
    3. able to thrive in a high pressure, fast paced environment
    4. reliable and honest
    5. able to start no later than Friday March 17

    You are offered:
    1. $30k salary
    2. health/dental insurance
    3. performance bonus

    The group with which you will be working has backed all clerks to trade, and plans to continue to do so. Recently backed clerks are screen trading ICE and NYMEX miNYs, while others are trading the NYMEX floor contracts against the miNY.

    Do NOT send a PM or any other sort of message to me through this board. Send resume and cover letter to:

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    Good luck to an anonymous poster offering $20-$25Gs below what a Tier 3 bank offers for trainees.

    A grad of the type of school you're looking for at a tier 1 firm will get paid $85-100Gs, plus bonus plus bennies plus a great resume builder.
  3. $30k for a grad of a top-tier school? You're dreaming. I can see that basic arithmetic and learning hand signals would require an Ivy League grad.
  4. I guess tomcole didn't read carefully: the employer wants to hire a gradutae of a bachelor's program. I didn't know I-banks were paying analysts as much as MBAs.
  5. tomcole


    tier 1 firms pay ivy league college grads, or quant grads, upwards of 100, plus bonus etc

    mbas start in the 130+ range depending on prior experience, some will go to 150+ if you worked as an undergrad there
  6. Tomcole:

    Any number of recent books by former I-bank employees--"Monkey business" comes to mind first--as well as put recent college grad I-bank comp at about $40-50k/year with almost no hope of a bonus; if associates get $130k--which is also inaccurate--while analysts get $100k; why exactly would anyone forgo 2 years' income in order to get an extra $30k/year. Try thinking brfore posting.

    Since the stock market blowup, I-bank associate salaries plunged even more than lawyers'; expect $85,000 plus bonus for the first year.
  7. As we are talking here today, Wall street is coming off a great '05, even better than the height of '99 at some levels. We are certainly not in a recession anymore. Also, "Monkey Business" was a long time ago (I think '97 or so). A first year analyst would make around 80-95k (depending on group), a first year associate I would think 150-180, a third year associate / junior VP would make 300-350.

    That being said, the last time I was on the MBA recruiting committee at an ibank was 2003, and I know only a few associates nowadays (most of the associates I know then are either made it to VP, or switched to PE, hedge funds, etc). But I was talking to a recently promoted VP (she got promoted in '05), I was saying "you at least made 300 for '05, right?", and all I hear was giggle on the other end, "at least!".