ISO a Dell Precision T3400 or another Core 2 Quad

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  1. ISO a Dell Precision T3400 or another Core 2 Quad .
    I need it super fast and lots of Mem please.
    Sorry I am was in a hurry when I done this.
    Good Price,good product.
    Let me know.
    I am in Plano TX

  2. What does this mean?
  3. ISO = In Search Of...

    Try looking at Dell's refurbished stuff. I just picked up an Optiplex 755 with a dual core 3ghz processor, memory galore, etc. with Vista Business or XP 32-bit downgrade was just over $300 shipped

    Its no Precision workstation - we have the new T5700's at work... but its one hell of a CPU
  4. I bet it is great CPU.
    Sounds great!
    I called Dell as you said and yes they have a T3400 but they want 600 for it, god only knows what it will cost to ship it.

    I really need the Core 2 Quad , but I shall keep on dreaming.
    I am thinking about going with Dell, but trying to save.
    I will place an add on CL and see what that gets me,if not I will go with Dell.
    Let me know if u have anymore idea's.

    TIA for your help.
  5. T5700? Not shown on website. Do you mean T5400?
  6. This week I picked up a T3400 with Q9300 for $612 including tax, with free shipping. Good deals don't last long... When Dell charges for shipping, a desktop computer alone is usually $29.99. I believe if your order includes monitor(s), the shipping charge is still only $29.99..

    FWIW... the T3400s are quite good and well priced... support for them is also very good. (Not the same support as for their "consumer" units.)

    HP has an equivalent line (similar x38 mobo) but at a higher cost.
  7. gnome - yes T5400. Running dual quad core processors & a ton of other stuff that our IT guys went nuts over. They are good machines but we still tax them heavily with our applications.

    OP - I'm quite happy with my "little" optiplex for home use/work/trading. my dual core 3.0ghz processor is plenty fast, etc. I also paid $29.99 for shipping and i lied about price - I looked at the invoice, it was $439.92 shipped. $418 for the CPU, $29.98 for shipping $20.94 for tax. All in all with software it was a VERY good deal in my opinion.
  8. You'll be fine so long as you run 2 monitors, maximum. You CAN run 3 or 4 monitors, but the video card choices are likely quite restricted.
  9. We run all Matrox quad cards. All are PCI (not PCIe). We typiclly run 4 monitors on our Optiplex 745 machines - I run 3 on my Optiplex 755 and will have 4 on my Precision T5400 when they get it set up and configured.

    Why do you say only 2 monitors max? we've been at 4 monitors for a while and haven't had any issues...

  10. Good to see gnome is still with us after Obama ascent :cool:
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