Isn't it strange having a President...

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  1. ...who can speak English and string together complete sentences? I forgot what that was like to have a leader who is a thinker and actually sounds intelligent. It sure is a nice feeling!
  2. I have to agree.
  3. This is very nice. Apparently he does not speak any other languages. Does anyone think he will learn a foreign language while in office and if so what language?
  4. Honestly, he appeared almost juvenile today.

    This guy really is an empty suit. .

    I predict Obama will fail miserably.
  5. lol idiot. He was saying that it was nice having an intelligent leader. Obama is intelligent. Thats not up for debate.

    "Barack Obama attended Occidental College, but received his undergraduate degree in political science from Columbia University, an Ivy League member currently ranked 9th in the country by U.S. News and World Report. Obama also graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Harvard Law School, where he also served as President of the Harvard Law Review. Harvard Law School is ranked the best Law School in America."

    Sorry, like I said, his intelligence really isn't up for debate.
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    Ever heard the expression " Educated Idiot"
  8. He's an empty hotel room? I really doubt that.
  9. You two are a little slow.

    I am well aware of the educated idiot idea. The important facts weren't that he went to college, but that he was EDITOR OF THE LAW REVIEW. In case you don't know what that is "it is one of the most cited law reviews in the United States and considered by many to be the most prestigious". And damn straight you have to intelligent to be it's editor. Dumbasses. Think for yourself critically. You will be surprised how much you learn.
  10. Obama speaks getwhiteysmoney!! We're three days into the Obama era and the economic downturn is grinding on... so far nothing but the Obama effect on the markets, that's all I'm seeing..
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