Isn't It Obvious Where the $2 T Has Gone?

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  1. we've been BAMBOOZLED,

    You been Hood-winked,

    You've been HAD,

    You've been Took

    quote from the movie: Malcom X

    actor: Denzel Washington

    (just a thought in response to your thought, and after reading the article)

    thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention
  2. anyone who says obama is smart must be so stupid as to not be able to see how retarded he is, he talks silly, and just pulls random shit out of his ass
  3. Is there some mathematical estimate we could use to prove this? Trading ES, not looking to make market impact except for politically convenient reasons... overall contract volume down.

    I think this is a possibility also, but feel like my half-baked ideas need to be tested more rigorously or mathematically.

    Also, wouldn't someone at the exchange know that all the buying is coming from some special account? Why no info leaks or rumors?
  4. 4XQs


    Aren't you able to understand just how "retarded" and stupid your statement sounds? Suck it up for the next four years, loser.
  5. a foreigner said he is happy to see obama win

    asking why, i got this answer;

    i am sure obama will fuck up america

    so i hope you have fun sucking it up for the next four years

  6. why did you quote my comment?

    did you read the article?, and the sub-heading "Bamboozled"?

    so, pulling stuff out of their hmmmmm,

    just don't see what your comment has to do with mines?

    for a minute there I was certain you were talking about Bush-II
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    I dunno about futures, but I keep hearing rumors about offshore banks receiving cds payments.
  8. [​IMG]

    Courtesy of Barnyard Frank.
  9. that's the same crap obama was pulling out of his ass and feeding people

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