Isn't it about time?

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  1. That we openly admit the problem and become anti-muslim and inhospitable to the spread of their disease.
    no more muslim immigration, no more pandering to CAIR,
    Open prejudice against muslims should be the norm and deservedly so.

    They should be ostracized from civil society just like the KKK.
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    Hate gays, treat women as unequals/cattle, intolerant of other religions or cultures, pedophiles? Brand them as a hate group.

    Oh wait, that's only for Christians.
  3. This is a tough issue in a way. I've known a lot of muslims, and for the most part, they were some of the best people you could hope to have as friends or neighbors. Like another stigmatized group, Mormons, they practice the kind of traditional family values that a lot of Christians only talk about.

    They also share an awful lot of values and beliefs with conservative Christians. Unfortunately, that's not the end of it. There are two huge problems with them that lead me to agree with the OP that we should not be allowing them entry into the country.

    First, they are fine as long as they are a very small percentage of the population. Once they reach a critical mass however, they start trying to flex their muscles. They build gigantic mosques and schools which blast out high volume calls to prayer at all hours. They teach hatred in their schools that would stand your hair on end. They start agitating for a separate justice system for them, based on sharia law. Islam is as much a system of government as a religion, and they regard it as within their rights to try to force as much of it on us as we will tolerate.

    Second, we know from experience that while the vast majority are not terrorists, a signifcant percentage are. So why shouldn't we apply the standard enunciated by our President the other day? If it saves just one life, isn't it reasonable to ban all muslim immigration? It's not like they can't live somewhere else, so the burden on them is small co,mpared to protecting our citizens.
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    They are a diseased culture. Suppress the disease anyway you can. Definitely no Sharia Law: if they don't like the laws of the land they can rot in jails same as every other self-entitled son of a bitch. If their women want to be treated like cattle I don't care that much. They are going to get polygamy on the back of queer marriage if things play out right for them.

    I've been at a speech where four black men were street preaching that the White man is the devil. I was laughing but they didn't like that at all.. it was a shock but a lesson. I wouldn't engage in anything with sick bastards like that without security and a very large ammo clip, to hell with that s%^t..
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    A couple questions:
    (1)If the majority of Muslims call themselves "peaceful", why are they not rising up by the thousands or tens of thousands in protest against the extremists?

    (2)If all Muslims are supposed to be devout followers of Koran/Islam:
    (a)do they all not have in common the same beliefs according to Koran/Islam?
    (b)isn't one side or the other (the "peaceful"/the extremists) wrong according to Koran/Islam?
  7. Wow, you started off so well AAA.

    The KKK is a terrorist organization, but they still exist today. And they are Christian, no?
  8. 1. Muslims of the same sect do not prefer to challenge their brethren.

    2. a. Yes.

    2. b. Yes. In Islam it is forbidden to kill women or children in Jihad. Anyone who does this is not a Muslim.

  9. The KKK is a diseased branch of Christianity. Al Queada is a diseased branch of Islam. Your argument is fatally flawed, as usual.
  10. Are you kidding?

    Odumbo is soooooo pro-Islam, he'd like to see Sharia Law in America... part of his "fundamental transformation".

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