Isn't dollars rebound strengthing way way overdone now???!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spanish89, Sep 12, 2008.

Do you think the dollars recent strength is overdone??

  1. Yes its way overdone, weaking pull back coming!

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  2. Slightly overdone

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  3. No, its going to strengthen abit more after the Lehman thing sorted out

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  4. Still got a few more 100/1000pips to go in strengthing!

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  1. ALoha, i don't actually trade fx, but since i trade crude oil i basically have the eur/usd chart in a corner of my screen always.

    And the 1 thing that has stopped my really smashing the fuk out of oil today is the dollars weakness today, especially against gbp.

    When you look at the daily/weekly chart for the dollar againt all the fxs do you think that sharpness/speed/and amount that its fallen is now way over done??? :confused:

    And we now going to see a week or 2 of the dollar weaking back abit??