Isn't cash worth anything?

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    Why does central banks like the FED want inflation by putting interest rates at 0%?

    Cash is king. Why can't people just hold onto cash and make money on interest or preserve what they have. there is nothing worth investing base on fundamentals and the risk of bonds and stocks now.

    the economy may be stagnant with high unemployment but prices for commodities, real estate and many things have not gone down and actually still rising.

    what is happening is stagflation...and is actually bad for job creation as higher prices suck consumer dollars out fo the economy.people have less disposable income to the consumer spending is 70% of the economy.
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    Gold is going to reach 1600 within 12 months

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    the FED needs to cover up the bad debt (housing loans), the average citizen would just have to take care of themselves. Hence inflation with taxes to find the equilibrium of pain that the average citizen can take.
  4. Banks are manipulating metals down. When this lid eventually leaks
    gold will Erupt like a volcano taking the dollar down

    because of things like this and FED buying its own bonds incognito
    I am extremely bearish on our overall future as Canadians and Americans

    The only thing that can stop gold eruption is if IMF floods the market
    with its bullion holdings. But guess what. I don't think they'll do it

    You see. IMF knows even better than we do what joke paper currency is.
  5. this money printing scam has been going on for years

    howcome nothing happened till now and why do you think it will change
  6. Curious if Physical gold is so cheap and headed to the moon, why are so many TV and radio pundits pushing people into going long physical gold and rolling IRAs into gold?

    won't it be smarter to stay quiet and load up on this cheap gold? Why tell the world and try to sell it to anyone watching TV or listening to the radio.