Isn't $50B peanuts for road-building? Why not $2 trillion?

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  1. Building (rebuilding) roads is a great idea to boost employment.
    But $50B is almost nothing.

    We need $2 Trillion to really boost employment levels.
    Be aware that roadbuilding is very materials and machinery intensive, but not specially worker demanding.
  2. why stop there, 15 trillion would be just giving everyone in the US 50k. if we did that every year we'd all be fine and i'm sure giving free money to people has absolutely no downside. hell, let's make it 30 trillion. we don't need to baby step it- if printing money is our way out- let's commit.
  3. My question is why wasn't this type of infrastructure spending implemented in the original stimulus?
  4. Total waste of money. I dont know about you, but the roads look fine where I live. Unless our roads look like the free non-toll roads in mexico, they really do not need anything done.

    (for those of you that have never driven a free non-toll road in mexico, let me tell you...the pot holes are so big that its way too dangerous to drive more than 20-25 mph on those freeways.)
  5. It costs 20-25 million dollars per road mile per lane. (Two lane roads, 50-75 million)

    So do the math how many miles of road we get.
  6. it's better to just give every adult american $100,000 a year.
  7. Cause it was essentially used to shore up the public sector pension system for a few years. Just more ponzi bullshit to carry us thru till the next solvency crisis.
  8. why not 100 trillion!

    Shit, what happen to the 3 trillion already?

    ASSCLOWNS in the whitehouse and congress have no idea where the money went.

    I doubt this funding for Infastructure is gona pass.

    OBAMA is looking for legacy as he is Won and Done. One term president as he see it. Hell, take more vacations and blame it on the last administration.

    Obama is looking for his HOOVER project.

    "The Fed said in its Beige Book compilation of anecdotal reports that modest growth was the most common characterization of economic activity in Fed districts, primarily those in the western and middle portions of the country such as San Francisco, Dallas and Kansas City. "

    At least half the country may have some hope coming out of this depression. The other half...are screwed.
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    since when it even stop at the initial proposed amount
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    Why do we have to look to the Federal Government for everything?

    If a state or local government wants to improve it's infrastructure to generate jobs, increase safety, produce efficiency by reducing commuting times or attract business then let each state do one of two things.

    1.) Raise their taxes to pay for infrastructure improvements.
    2.) Cut the crap out of their bloated budgets like healthcare to illegals and clean needle programs to heroine addicts.

    If we're not willing to do this we might as well shut down each state's gov't and let D.C. run the whole show.
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