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    Good day folks. I'm in a good mood the taxes came back from the accountant and I paid so much last year it's not so bad. I won't have to wreck whole portfolios or beg my mom for a loan. That's good. Let's talk about a couple things.... WARNING***** 4/10/08' is a super important CYCLE TURN DATE, so if you get my meaning, we better be drifting down before that day, god forbid we rally hard into 4/10... sell sell sell......

    VIX is down, volume down, lets bring stocks down too in the next few days.... These are the interesting stocks now.

    1. SWIM. I put out a help request on this name in a thread here on ET and got my usual nothing in response this is " Investools " and I'm sure a lot of you use it, the metrics, the numbers of accounts they seem good, stock is down a lot..... watch list material @ $11.

    2. AGEN I'm going to do a whole wild world of biotech piece soon but this is the strangest case ever- a failed FDA event, a company that can't afford to go to new trials and instead turns to Russia who greenlights the worlds first cancer vaccine!... it's front page news in Russia; a strange, strange case, the first trial yields a mere 1.7 extra yrs survival; the new russia trial seems to indicate something better- an ability to attack clumpy tumors before they spread. An article is apparently coming soon in a peer journal... keep an eye on AGEN @ $2.90..

    3. AMAG pharm... wow I recommended this stock at $50!!! It's a sad tale and a controversial ceo but it's also a big big product if they can ever get it to market
    Merrrl killed them today and the stock is down big Jeffries though supported it with this- (NASDAQ:AMAG): Strongly believe Ferumoxytol will recieve first pass approval- Jefferies
    Jefferies out on the box saying to buy AMAG. Analyst says there will be NO delay.
    Jefferies notes on Friday they held a conference call for clients featuring AMAG CEO Dr. Brian Pereira. The firm says AMAG bears have argued that the ferumoxytol development program does not include a sufficient number of patient exposures to meet I.C.H safety guidelines (N=1,500). To set the record straight the firm notes, AMAG's CEO went on record (again) to confirm that, in total, over 1,700 patients and healthy volunteers were treated with ferumoxytol in the co's eleven clinical studies. The firm also says the fact that AMAG has the resources to execute additional clinical trials in C.K.D, but has chosen not to do so, suggests that AMAG strongly believes the filing is complete in its current form, per FDA guidance.

    Could go either way i may place a bet here later today before Pfizer buys them.

    4. IMMR is " buzzing " again wait for a pull in to $7 1/2 (hopefully over the next few days)

    5. PTEC, I've profiled this stock a bit on ET, how can you be at a five year high boring ole' PTEC? Great little barrons mention- I tore it out, will read and redistribute later....

    6. ADEP- this is a sleepy little robot company that doesn't trade enough shares to get me involved yet but how can you not notice that what was once simply medical applications has led to a slew of SOLAR POWER announcements, yup these nimble robots put together the panels too.... watch this one & let's get some more volume to it....

    7. Delcath is my longest holding in my trading account. I've gone on a big ole' down slide with them and now am back UP- as a reader of all the endless studies I have never lost hope. Their tech is INGENIOUS IT REMOVES THE LIVER FROM THE BLOOD CIRCULATION DURING INTENSIVE CHEMO and the blood is purified before re entering the liver thus the toxins never make their way into the other areas of the body. Anyway a hedge fund got involved and took up all their money in a court fight and it's been a long hard road... the stock has been up SHARPLY LATELY and is up another 5% today... DCTH is that one I've married and may have to redo my nuptials again!

    Delcath liver isolation device shows promise in cancer trial:


    * Delcath Systems
    * PHP
    * cancer
    * melphalan
    * liver
    09-Apr-2008 - US-based Delcath Systems has achieved positive results in treating diffuse liver cancer using its percutaneous hepatic perfusion (PHP) delivery system.
    The chemotherapy agent melphalan was administered to 24 patients using the PHP delivery system in a Phase II clinical trial.

    Only 19 of those receiving the drug could be fully evaluated, with a significant tumour reduction reported for two patients and a partial tumour reaction in a further 13 people.

    This gave an objective tumour response of 79 per cent and Delcath has said it now plans to submit a new trial protocol to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the use of PHP as a first-line treatment for liver cancer.

    Dr James Pingpank Jr, MD of the Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, said: "The Delcath PHP System is unique in its ability to isolate then repeatedly treat unresectable liver tumours with high doses of anti-cancer agents such as melphalan.

    "This study shows that PHP with melphalan has efficacy in patients with diffuse metastatic neuroendocrine tumors of the liver that are too extensive for resection, ablation, or embolization. Responses to therapy tend to be durable, and repeat therapy is effective on progression or recurrence of disease."

    Speaking to, CEO and president of Delcath Systems Richard Taney discussed the benefits of the PHP system.

    He said: "As long as the patient is able to safely receive anesthesia or is healthy enough to receive systemic chemotherapy the procedure would not be too stressful for them.

    "Most patients in our trials have been heavily pre-treated with a variety of regionalized and systemic therapies and had continued to show progression of disease prior to coming on trial."

    The PHP delivery system isolates the liver from the rest of the body, allowing high drug doses to be administered, without the body suffering from the toxic effects of the chemotherapeutic agent.

    This is achieved through the use of a double balloon catheter to block the inferior vena cava which normally drains the liver.

    By doing this hepatic venous outflow is isolated and the blood diverted through a filtration system outside the body which removes the chemotherapeutic agent before returning the blood.

    This reduces the body's exposure to the toxic effects of the chemotherapy by 80 to 90 per cent compared to hepatic artery infusion alone.

    In doing so the PHP system seeks to protect the liver and the rest of the body from the harmful effects of the chemotherapeutic agents.

    Taney said: "We have not seen toxicities to the healthy liver tissue with this procedure as blood flow to the liver is never stopped during this procedure and this is the case despite the high doses of melphalan.

    "In the prior surgical isolation procedures in the 1990s they were using doses of melphalan that were three times higher than the normal systemic dose, they were seeing high levels of liver cell toxicities and the surgical procedure could be performed only once.

    "The Delcath System administers doses seven times higher than the approved systemic dose, with no liver toxicities and is repeatable (has been done 10 times to a single patient)."

    Melphalan has been delivered at a maximum dose of 3.5mg/kg and even then no liver toxicities were detected.

    The dose is currently limited as the filtration system can remove only 80 to 85 per cent of the chemotherapeutic agent but will probably increase in the future as Delcath is currently investing heavily in filtration technology, according to Taney.

    This improved filtration technology should prove beneficial for melphalan delivery, as well as the other agents Delcath envisage using PHP for.

    So far two mainstay cancer drugs 5-FU and doxorubicin have also been tested on humans, with other agents in the pipeline.

    back with more Interesting Stocks as they come up!


    Yup these patterns look like big upside to me.... MLNM getting taken out this morning is sweet vindication for stoney and a blessing to hunt more within biotech (at least that's how I'm taking it. )

    Very important finish to the week between now and tuesday I expect a huge leg up to begin!

    We have had five days in succession with no Dominant Price-Volume Relationship. Even one day without a perceptible effect of volume on price movement suggesting a bias to either the upside or the downside is far from common. Five days in a row of the blahs is plain rare. We also had five days in a row of not one of the eight Important Averages moving as much as one percent either up or down. The VIX is retreating, is this the calm before the storm? yesterday we had six of the eight Important Averages moving more than one percent! It was a little fake out I believe, a change in volalitility to be sure and to the downside to be sure but was it a directional marker for the market?

    Price Down with Volume Up was registered in 1379 stocks. It would be easy to say oh we jumped the turn date by a day and this is the new direction- down.... But just as easily ths price action it could also be construed as oversold- following six days of a down-slanting pattern resembling a flag. Give or take another day, there is as much chance of an upside breakaway from this pattern as further deterioration.... and since I am ever the optimist I am playing the for the upside dabbling in semi's and continuing to pour money into EMKR (check news today) and hunting freely in biotech...~ stoney
  3. lets be honest with each other! yesterday I post the turn date and this morning the futures looked really really bad..... but what did we just open UP!

    the most dangerous time for an addict is after a good trip and folks I just netted $19,000 on MLNM!!!!!!
    When the picks are backfiring my people love it the phones are quiet the crazy e mails do not come the annoying questions for analysts etc... but now with the aid of bio lightning ole' annoying stockmaster is back... what will he bug the hedge fund about today?... what silly, insipid stock will I make them buy?.... using MLNM as leverage (they made millions I'm sure on my pick) shall I DO MY CAPSTONE TURBINE SPIEL????? has anyone noticed this little down and out flame of yesteryear CPST has announced three pretty good contracts in a row, two in the last week for $5 million one with Samsung?.... and PTEC that stock we talked about yesterday made a Purchase today-- could that, along with yesterday's pull in provide the buy opportunity for this name?? Or is it AGEN who has an agreement to sell 7 mil shares at $3 to institution investors and the stk drifted below $3 yesterday..... they have warrants to buy more at $3.75..... Is it the touch stock the buzz people IMMR- that had the biggest swing yesterday from $8.45 down to $8.05 we nibbled but are waiting for a better price (for now).... what will it be what will it be??????? strange action on the other touch stock SYNA yesterday no news gap up active options... a touch story is brewing out there you can " feel " it.

    Another stock with unusual activity is THHORATIC THOR APRIL CALLS.... Aladdan KNOWLEDGE is an e token / software / security company that I have owned off and on throughout the years... I'm thinking on again because if you read through their news they have consistently guided up except for one round of over costs the stk has been unjustly treated and a recent blurb from a big house said they were tracking ahead of plan..... Peeking at LXU corp with that confusing symbol of LSB..... ~ stoney
  4. Boy I'm getting the instant message love but not enough on this thread. A lot of doubters I guess.... a man comes to you and says the market will turn on so and so a date and it does and you are not the least bit interested how he knew....
    Dow 12,622.85 +95.59 +0.76%

    Nasdaq 2,358.05 +35.93 +1.55%

    S&P 500 1,364.48 +9.99 +0.74%

    Well hopefully we will really stretch this out now and get you all on board. I must admit this morning I got a lot of cycle readers to agree with me that it was a GIANT change of direction move that was upon us but none could guess which way it would break... it's early too early so I am leaving the trading station which is my laptop at the kitchen table.... I don't want this rally to fade and I don't want a lot of comments here if it does.... let's agree to dream of great things, if only for a day, a very pretty day in NYC.... here's some afternoon thought-

    FRPT is a stock that has gotten absolutely CRUSHED I believe the US gov has allowed them to sell some APC's s to the UK... big mover.... SNDK has plotted for me very nicely the last few days from $24 a starter position taken due to firmer flash pricing- may have to get serious with The Brokers pushing the Semi's now... although I hold no great love for this name... ELON and JRJC two stoney faves are back and alive and in fact my whole graveyard is moving, so that leads me to believe that the russell and low priced stocks are ready to lead again. ~ stoney
  5. Well, I've got that perfect pullback in IMMR and I'm having trouble pulling the trigger. GE has cast a shadow on the market but it is old news, anyone who deals in high finance cramped up with Bear that's painfully obvious, snuck in there is other company specific stuff and Immault should be embarrassed, it's a horrible report which got a three cent gain in a tax lowering situation.... the world is not ending, though the charts are messy.

    I'm not taking a bolt of bad news as the end of the turn let's stay focused. Look at the bond market for comfort it's had a stable week.......

    Things could easily get messy today there is a vacancy of good news and consumer sentiment is at very bear levels. Still I take to the highway searching for peace of mind. Hoping that when I get to Ct the market will have halved it's losses.
  6. gobar


    i would wait and see tech earning before pulling the trigger...

    if goog and aapl posted horrible numbers then nasdaq goes to 1900 range..
  7. Good morning stock freaks. I want to drag this ISM report out until mid week for surely we will know our direction by then. For now I'm sticking with my theory that tues will be a turnaround tuesday and the week's earnings turn out ok and we launch upwards. I fully admit there is a great deal of hope attached to this forecast & indeed a few too many folks seem to see a technical bottom all pointing at the shrinking vix as proof.... group think never works out,... we have to be prepared for the cycle turn to go the other way and for the market to sink..... Europe is down 5 days in a row and Asia is diving yet we are treading water.... perhaps the ripple effect will benefit us as much as it hurts others... perhaps we begin to lead the way out of this debt mess....

    500 DOW points here makes a HUGE PSYCHOLOGICAL impact either way, we are truly at an important junction here which of course brings me to CAPSTONE TURBINE--- CPST -- a little active in the pre again, I mentioned this above -- I haven't checked news yet but this is a big look see this week.

    Ever wonder who is turning out all the cop cams that provide that great footage when people refuse their tickets and run from the cops and such? Check out this earnings powerhouse-- DGLY -- This is surly the first time you will have heard of the name as it was mine when I stumbled across their recent earnings report... jeez talk about growth!.....

    Now that I dumped my beloved WAVE because the CLWR & a big phone company deal failed to materialize for WIFI... (WAVE is a supplier of parts here) there was whisperings on blogs over the weekend that some abbreviated form of the rollout will begin this summer, I'll keep an eye on CLWR as a lark..... Ceregon is a supplier too an interesting chart CRNT. ~ stoney
  8. Well I've done my morning scans and the pickings are slim... the best trade is probably a long term one entering this PTEC... it's shown a good floor today amidst a bigger picture uptrend... and capstone god love em no contract! a natural breakout of sorts if one can break out from the $2 range... I'm a green investing sucker and I've taken a bath on a few names so be assured after I spend the day reading about microturbines I'll be in the damn stock, to what extent is the only question.... bio play Cell Genesis CEGE is attractive to me as well.... PTEC, CPST & CEGE.... can I call the hedge fund with a straight face with these names? More on PTEC later... ~ stoney
  9. here's a geeky good write up about microturbine tech.

    Powering and cooling data centers has always been one of the main challenges associated with data center operations. Businesses must have clean, reliable, steady, cost effective, and increasingly more “green” power solutions. New on-site generation systems such as microturbine technology may be the answer to the upcoming energy crisis we will soon be facing.

    Microturbine engines can serve as supplements and it many cases complete replacement to using large power plants and public utility grids. Creating power on-site enables businesses to improve power reliability, add capacity, isolate themselves from power disturbances, and reduce their reliance on expensive peak utility power.

    Microturbines offer ultra low emissions and can run on pretty much any fuel type. They could operate on natural gas (or even biogas), solar energy, or a combination of many types of cost effective and clean fuels. A bank of microturbines could produce electricity on site that is cleaner and more stable than anything coming over the grid. As an added benefit, any excess power could be sold back to public utilities that would benefit surrounding communities.

    Different than conventional generators that combine a reciprocating engine like those used in trucks with a separate power generator, microturbines are a newer technology that combine scaled down jet engine technology with an integrated generator. Capstone Microturbines, the leading microturbine vendor, has created an engine that has just one moving part, uses no liquid lubricants or coolants, and has no gearbox or other mechanical subsystems. This dramatically increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs associated with using turbine technology. It can operate at full load 24 hours a day for a year before reaching the first recommended maintenance: an air and fuel filter change.

    These systems can power not only large data centers but large buildings or even blocks of buildings. Many large companies are already using microturbines or seriously considering it for power generation. Companies already using it include Boeing, UPS, Siemens, McDonald's, University of Maryland, Samsung, among others.
  10. If you want to buy and hold stocks just buy the good stocks and ETFs like

    aapl, fslr, bidu, rimm, mos, pot, v, ma, ewz, gld,
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