ISM numbers at 8:55am?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cashonly, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Does anyone know why the ISM numbers came out at 8:55 this morning?

    I thought they were supposed to come out at 10am.


  2. no doubt a mistake.just took away a nice short trade for many as few trade premarket.
  3. rumor that the number was leaked
  4. BKuerbs


    Looks like the info has been leaked: that is what DJ Newswire gives as reason.

    *DJ ISM Releases Non-Mfg Report Early Due To Possible Breach Of Information

  5. Daal


    awsome, in order to prevent a few from profiting they just screw everybody by releasing all the sudden. dont you love government
  6. ssblack


    lol, to me it looked a bit obvious that some knew according to the price movements in index futures and FX.
  7. S2007S


    41.9, economy showing more contraction, biggest drop since ocober 2001...

    released a little to early....

    buying opportunity??

    The bulls may think so since the markets have been in rally mode for the last 2 weeks, last week was the week to sell likeI mentioned, DOW back to 12400.
  8. Mvic


    8 mins left for another emergency Fed cut before we open :D
  9. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Yeah, one of the news sources I listen too started doing a countdown to the release, so I guess they knew something.

    That would have been an excellent during market trading opportunity to really ring the register! Unfortunately, I was unprepared.

    There's a term "Chance Favors a Prepared Mind" that I'll paraphrase to "Chance Favors a Prepared Trader"

  10. S2007S


    2 mins to prop up the futures 100 points with another 50bp cut, dont think it will happen, I think they will wait for the dow to trade under 12k before doing any more immediate rate cuts.
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