ISM Mfg on 2nd Jan

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What is the ISM Mfg reading going to be?

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  1. less than 47.5

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  2. 47.5-50.0

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  3. 50.0-52.5

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  4. more than 52.5

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  1. dhpar


    Given what happened exactly 6 years ago I thought it may be a good time to check what people think today. The number may very well be the most important economic event in first half of January. Will Fed panic if they see the number again in lower 40s? If not - why...?
  2. so if they panic what they should do?

    to lower rates?

    there is no chance for rate cuts.

    rates _are_low_ now.

    All those who ask for rate cuts are just spoiled by last 5 year rates
    But those were historically low rates. It will probably never happen again.

    Doesn't matter ISM numbers with oil at these prices FED will increase rates at least couple of times next year
  3. The Summer-2007 Fed Funds contracts are "indicating" a slight easing bias. The Fed might "urge" Europe and Asia to also buy US stocks in addition to US governemnt securities with their surplus dollars.
  4. i bet my arse fed wont raise rates.
  5. dhpar


    I already did that :D

    But remember 2001 -->

    Clearly many things at that time were very different: wealth, stock market, unemployment, spending and even ISM was below 50 for several months. But then we did not have a chairman who was obsessed with Great Depression...
  6. dhpar


    you are hopeless. Maybe they will urge to buy only stock that you have in your portfolio...that would be handy
  7. lol
  8. dhpar


    ok - postponed to Jan 3rd.
  9. S2007S


    suprised to see them move data as well. I say release the data and see the market reaction on Wed morning.:eek: :eek: :eek:
  10. dhpar


    actually now I am not sure - Bloomberg still says it occurs on the 2nd. FOMC minutes are definitely on 3rd. Anybody has some clear info?!
    #10     Dec 29, 2006