Isle of Man Tt racing time

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    If you get a chance to watch these guys racing it is worth the time. City streets, rock walls, drop offs, stores, spectators, and of course 200 mph! Part of the fun is the interviews and the Scotts talking. I almost need an interpreter to understand.
    They have cameras mounted on the bikes(like everything now) and it is amazing watching them wobble on the uneven streets, and catch air going over bumps while coming into a turn.
    Good stuff.
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    You forgot death:
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    Ok, and people die all the time. Sometimes they die while they are doing what they really enjoy. Am I saying that makes it ok, no, but at the same time I'd rather die doing something I love or enjoy than in a bed doing nothing.
    I have a kid that took a bullet while driving down the road. He is still alive, but by the grace of God. My Dad died simply because he was old and his body quit, and from conversations I know that didn't make him happy. Hey, I love life, and I guess we could all try and eat the perfect diet, only go out in the sun to get just enough exposure that is needed, grow all our own food with no pesticides, and of course live in a bubble and never touch another person, but for me, I'd rather live and enjoy. Is there a risk, oh yea, but for me, and I get not everyone, it is what makes life enjoyable. Go golf, and load as much SPF 3000 sunscreen on, and of course have a cart so you don't risk a heart attack carrying your own bag.
    Seriously people die all the time, my son could have died. Enjoy the races, they are amazing people who love what they are doing. How many execs die every year due to the stress in their lives?
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    Better than trading. But that is just me.
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    When I was a little guy, with parents who were alive, I tried to convince them cycle racing was a good idea. I failed. I still love it. And I drive mine like an idiot.
  6. My special gift for crashing many dirt bikes kept me away from street bikes. I wouldn't be around if I ever owned one. I'm convinced. I like seeing what my limits are by going beyond them sometimes. That's a really bad idea when pavement is involved.
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    I watched some of it last night.
    the accents were amazing.

    there was a segment where they showed a red bike cornering with the rear wheel smushed to the side and the front wheel in the air as the rider was shifting his weight to bring the bike over and go straight.

    the announcer said it was poetry or art... and he was correct it was very very beautful in slow mo... I watched over and over.

    The other announcer mentioned the riders bring the front wheel up on purpose to smooth things out. That amazed me.
  8. Holy crap! That's an incredible race, never heard of it. Thanks!!
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