ISLD is back on the SPY and QQQ

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by DaveN, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. DaveN


    I just noticed this today. It looks like ISLD is now out of "the dark" on disseminating their quotes. It's the first day that I've seen their quotes posted alongside ARCA in a long time.
  2. Why they didn't announce it? I checked level II and couldn't
    see any ISLD orders today
  3. DaveN


    I couldn't believe it myself, since I hadn't seen any announcements either. So I double checked by going to their website. Sure enough, both QQQ and SPY were showing quotes on their ISLD java book.
  4. Yesterday for the fisrt time i saw Island with the new name
    on Level II and it called " INet" Ecn
  5. welcome back,

    seems that they must have noticed a significant lack in contributing order flow, such that they simply reversed their decision without admission of guilt/stupidity/fault (you choose)
  6. DaveN


    I have a feeling that it probably had something to do with the switchover to the INET designation. Just guessing here though. Since ISLD was "barred" by the AMEX because it did too much volume on the QQQ, SPY, and DIA, they are now able to display their markets under the new designation of INET. I fear that it won't be long before the AMEX comes after them too. I hope I'm wrong....
  7. ggekko


    You may have noticed that QQQs, SPYs, and DIAs are back on ISLD(now INET). There is a huge dilemma for Reuters who bought Island ECN. I am a firm advocate of ISLD technology, however, there is an upcoming ATS teleconferencing of future of INET hosted by none other than Alex Goor. I've had a misfortune of runins with Mr. Goor back in the days of Watcher Technologies. The guy has no idea how to conduct himself in the public not to mention technologies itself.

    I just hope that they will do the right thing by building a front/back end platform based on ISLD ECN technologies not on INCA.
  8. hans130


    Matching technology will be isld. Order routing technology will be inca.

    Also inet will be part of supermontage and Supermontage will use Inca order routing techonolgy.
  9. ggekko


    what about the commissions?
  10. ggekko


    are they keeping the same commission structure?
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