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  1. What's the difference between ISLAND route and SUPERSOES route on IB's TWS?
  2. Both routes were changed and renamed years ago! You must have a time machine.

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  3. haha, yea i know NASDAQ integrated those routes last year, but im still seeing those routes in IB TWS latest version in the "Destination" column...and i'm wondering what the difference is between them
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    There's no difference between ISLAND and SUPERSOES any more: all orders routed to SUPERSOES are redirected to ISLAND.
  5. Thanks...if the two routes are now identical, what is the reason behind having both routes available as destinations?
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    The main reason is backward compatibility: if we removed it immediately, ticker lines would disappear off people's TWS pages and they would need to reenter symbols. We will remove it in one of the upcoming versions of TWS
  8. Makes sense, thanks
  9. For those still using the old interface as seen below, PLEASE upgrade now.


    Please, I'm not a daytrader, I'm an "Intraday Liquidity Provider"