island is dead?? loosing incredible market share

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spieler, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. spieler


    I used to check on the monthly volume share per MM and ECN and the most active on the stocks i trade.
    What a surprise ?? island which was the number one on almost all the nasdaq 100 companies is now ranked between 20 and 30 with severly declining volume.

    Ther number one is now LSPD.

    I cannot see that on .
    this is what you can see on the first page of island:
    "Island Largest ECN for Sixth Consecutive Month"????

    I do not want island to die and i do not like the deal with Instinet.
  2. spieler


    Island’s 11.2% market share of total volume during April 2002 was achieved by reporting 1.9% of all Nasdaq shares traded through Nasdaq, according to data released today by Nasdaq's Office of Economic Research, while reporting an additional 9.3% of total Nasdaq shares traded through the Cincinnati Stock Exchange (CSE).

    Ok that is the explanation.
    I did not understand as i never noticed the fall in island volume and i am a huge island user :)
  3. Noticed ILND on some stocks today, representing ISLD on superSoes. That should put them on equal footing with LSPD/aka MKXT.
  4. Fohat


    Island is the largest ECN, simply it's reporting its volume/trade mostly through Cincinnati Stock Exchange, not through Nasdaq.

    Island is getting an incredibly big market share, fortunately/unfortunately Instinet has bought it recently.