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  1. range


    ISLAND/INET is down at both IB and TradeStation. Is the ECN down at all brokers? Thanks.
  2. catima


    Seems like it, its been down for an hour, and I got 12k stuck on the bid. Do I pre-cover ? Will they get filled ? We'll neeeeveeerr knoooww.
  3. catima


    Just got this over the messenger:

    INET reports approx. system come back at 12:00 PM EST (not 11:00 AM EST)

    Thats awsome. I hope they have the good sense to cancel all the orders.
  4. range


    Thanks, catima.
  5. I'll concur, I've gotten a message saying ETA 1 hour (around noon EST).
  6. catima


    My orders just got canceled, half an hour early!
  7. Yup, they're down with everybody. They're having major problems at INET today.
  8. Nice. Can't wait to hear the reason for this one.

    12/16/2005 12:00:41 ET INET's web-based InfoCenter is currently available. Firms can use this as an alternate means to status their orders.
    12/16/2005 11:39:06 ET The Secaucus Data Center is now operational. Firms can now status, cancel or adjust their orders before trading resumes. INET will advise shortly as to when trading will resume.
    12/16/2005 11:06:18 ET Customers may contact NASDAQ Market Operations at 800.219.4861 for Mass Cancels requests.
    12/16/2005 10:45:26 ET INET is preparing to bring up the Secaucus Data Center. When the system comes up, all stocks will be in a “Halted” state. Firms will have time to status, cancel or adjust their orders before matching resumes. The recovery process may cause some executions to occur that will be broken. Please note that if customers were connected to Harborside, they will need to move their connections to the Secaucus Data Center.
    12/16/2005 10:29:11 ET The INET Data Center is unavailable
    12/16/2005 10:24:06 ET Due to technical difficulties both the NASDAQ and BRUT router has suspended routing to INET
    12/16/2005 09:38:29 ET Due to technical difficulties, NASDAQ did not disseminate IPV values for ADRA, ADRD, ADRE, ADRU, ONEQ, and QQQQ from 9:30:27 to 9:33:53. Current IPV values are correct
  9. MRWSM


    Still down here. almost 1:00 PM now.
  10. I've been up since 12:23EST. Your broker probably hasn't switched over to the backup facility.

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