'Islamization' of Paris a Warning to the West

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  2. It should be interesting there... particularly if the popularity of Front National and Le Pen continue to grow...

    Vive le Front National!!!
  3. Once again* france does the world some good by being a bad example.

    *french revolution of the 1700's
  4. I disagree, the French Revolution was a great thing, just as was the American Revolution...

  5. They have fallen by the wayside a somewhat considering they were once the 3rd largest party between 2003-2006, still a force to be reckoned with at the local level in the more rural areas but the public at large have shunned what are really a bunch of Holcaust denying, book censoring Judeo-Masonic conspiracy worrying goons.
  6. The more babies Muslims have, the bigger the welfare check they get from the French Government?

    Remind anybody of somewhere else?
  7. WAKE UP

    Sooner or later muslims will take over the western world

    watch the documentary below and decide yourself


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  8. Other than someone telling you that Muslims will take over the Western World have you any other facts, as demoghapics much like economics is not an exact science. Anyway you posted this same Tube vid in other threads are you on pay per post?
  9. How about sticking to the topic instead of trying to cloud the issue? What's your opinion of the video and the situation?
  10. More tending to the garden by watering and fertilizing the weeds...
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