Islamists win Egypt election

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    First thing the Islamists will do is to loot the radioactive material from one of Egypts nuclear power projects. Oh wait, they've already done that.

    The next thing they will do is to prepare a dirty bomb or 2 and explode them in Israel. It isn't clear what Israel would do in response to that.

    Any stability in that region is gone. Evidently that is what Barrack Obama has been working towards.
  3. The freeing power of Facebook and Twitter is awe inspiring.
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    It's sad to say, but there are some people that just need to be governed by thugs.

    When choosing between crazy Islamast thugs or a greedy thug like Mubarak, I will chose Mubarak every time.

    Obama thought otherwise.
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    What kind of thug is Obama?
  6. Regarding the economy of the region, we expect it will flourish as the new democratically elected institutions " parliament and presidential" will work to improve the finance before the next elections. This will cease corruption and open the region for more investment opportunities. This will not happen the next day after the transition process ends but it will happen as a logical consequence with time.

    Regarding the stability of the region, i think the region was not stable for long time.. The middle east was in wars from the moment isreal were inserted into it. However, the rising of responsible and powerful moslim states will increase the stability of the globe. It might be some limited periods of friction and wars but at the end.. the globe will be more safe if it has more democratic countries. This also depends on how USA and Europe will react with new changes.

    All knew the real reasons of instability of our region and the whole world and i believe at some point , we all will agree on taking a brave action. We are reaching this point and we became more closer to it.
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    I've developed the idea that forex traders have brain damage.