Islamists' secret weapon : Gold

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  1. But first they will have to overthrow the jewish banking cartel? You know, the ones who run the world? Like the head of IMF, the Fed, Soros, need I go on...
  2. They are winning the war in the sack.... Some of these people have 8 kids.

    some have 11 kids

    chinese will soon be aging population

    soon is 30-50 years :D
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    I guess I just don't understand how this system would work. If we run out of gold in a year then who do they sell the rest of their oil to? Great they have gold, but it is still only equivalent to a years with of oil production. Can they purchase things in gold? They would still have to sell the gold in order to use any of their profits. This system makes no sense to me. Unless they just want the gold and after they have it they just plan on using it for building roads and towers and such. In that case they got everything they need. Otherwise if they want to buy food or something they might need to reconvert their gold to cash. Or is the whole world going to become a barter system? I could, however, see how they might want to be paid in a gold back currency. But that's not the same as being paid in gold. I guess this is why the don't run the worlds financial systems.
  5. Simple...Arabs get all the gold then they sell trade their gold to buy cheaply made chinese crap. China trades the gold to us then for our treasury bills that we print up and voila....we have the gold again.

  6. Gold for crude oil? That's a sure-fire way to get BOMBED.
  7. watch the below documentary and you will understand that the whole world will be dominated by muslims

    Interesting documentary, everybody should watch and learn

    The danger is far closer than you would think
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    No man!
    First they have to overthrow the aliens that control the above