Islamists calling 9-11 “International Burn an American Flag Day”

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  1. Will the FBI follow up with this?

    Islamists calling 9-11 “International Burn an American Flag Day” to Promote Sharia and war against Infidels
    Posted by John Schulenburg on Saturday, September 11, 2010, 8:37 AM

    It won’t be the first time…

    Islamists in America and in the UK are calling 9-11 “Burn an American Flag Day” in response to the “Burn a Koran Day” (that hasn’t taken place and was temporarily suspended)

    I wonder if the MSM will have a mass media apocalypse just like they did about the Koran burnings by some tiny church in Florida? One answer….no.

    via W-Zip:
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    The real question is, would that reporting sell advertising? If it would then the media will cover it.
  3. the real question is where is the reference?
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  5. The US media is not a bunch of journalists. They are purveyors of Marxist anti-American propaganda. If the US media will not cover the Quran burning, maybe Al Jazeera will. [​IMG]
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    a third of your posts are where's the reference

    use google - its what the big kids use:
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    Junk site, I saw the "typo" before I clicked, and googled the site.
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    They cannot be Marxists, because Marxists cannot run successful businesses.

    Unless... the corporations that buy advertising space think the customers who use those US media want a Marxist perspective on the news...
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