ISLAMIFICATION -- A Malignant Cancer!

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    What else can one expect from a religion that was created in the image of a serial rapist, vicious robber, and mass murderer?
  2. TGregg


    You forgot incestuous pedophile. No wonder the left love these guys.
  3. Eight


    They can't even take down Israel after sixty years of bullshit breath... that's a billion Muzzs against a few million Jews, thousand to one numbers... Islam is essentially bullying raised to the religious level.. the MO of a bully is to kiss up to authorities and treat everybody on their own level and lower like shit if they don't need them for anything... the thing is.. they do that so much internally that morale is chronically very low and murder is an ongoing everyday thing for them.. they have a surplus of young men due to the tribal and religious leaders grabbing up all the girls for wives so they strap a bomb on them and get rid of them... I'm not visiting any of those Muzzie areas anytime soon...

    Evangelical radio broadcasts actually do have some effect in those Islamic populations. I'm a Bible reader, we are definitely building up to the end of times... ten years ago people were looking at the rate of conversions worldwide and saying that in a few years everybody that was going to convert was going to do it.. that proves little really but it also leaves little doubt about the era we are in... and nobody has the time line right either, the videos called "Total Onslaught" can help somebody sort that out.
  4. You still never answered my question. In what part of the shit hole San Fernando Valley do you live at $450.000

  5. That falls under the rubric of serial rapist TGregg ;)
  6. Eight


    I owe you an answer? Who told you I owe you answers?

    What are you, like Perez Hilton going after Miss California or something?
  7. Eight


    Hmmmm... San Fernando Valley as shithole... I lived in Granada Hills in the early days.. it was a Sicilian place, lots of Italian speaking people there.. and it was 25 miles to the nearest supermarket but they had a bowling alley [big cash business] and a Vic Tanny gym, way out in the sticks relatively... get it Dr. VodkaBottleUpMyAssSideways... Sicilians, cash business..... and my dad was thick with the Sicilians and the UAW so I could hang out.. hee hee hee, I can just see the old Sicilian guys that sat around on their porches and benches getting the biggest grins on their faces when some assclown like Vodka Bottle came walking wide between the knees and talking "shithole"...... it's heartwarming to think of all the possibile outcomes... does he get to keep his wallet.. does he get to leave... maybe he has to be escorted to the barber shop to get his head shaved while we tell him to go back and tell everybody what a great place Granada Hills is and laugh our asses off...
  8. What I find strange is, before the 2nd US invasion and occupation of Iraq there were ZERO 'suicide' bombs and car bombs.

    Just who gains from these bombs? I am pretty sure the West is blowing up as much as it can, especially that Golden Mosque in order to ferment violence. And as always aiding and funding both sides to create war.

    So what's the end goal: beat christianity into everyone? They tried that with Native Americans in Canada and the USA: force them into residential schools and beat the white man's way into them...that was religious oppression. Face it, all religions are oppressive all-or-nothing rigid control systems.

    Here's an idea: get the fuk out of the middle east countries, stop stealing their land, oil, and controlling the drug production, and all of your problems will disappear.

    If "they" are so seeting with rage at our freedumbs of 25% credit card interest a, 40-year ARMs, .05% CD interest, and 60-hour work come no young muslim kids in USA are getting their drivers licences and ploughing their cars into schoolbuses to create infernos?

    How come not one person is tossing firecrackers into a USA mall to shut it down becuase they hate capitalism?

    No christian kids being beating up on the way home from school?

    Come on guys, we are told they are barbaric animals who cannot live in peace etc etc??

    The main massacres of Christans are by drugged out domestic terrorists like Virgina Tech, Columbine (they even asked the kids if their believed in God, and then shot them). Two young jewish kids were behind Columbine. Now you know why the judge sealed the evidence for 20 years...

    But I digress...hand over your money and let the bankers steal it for WW3, send your kids to die...

    The OP is likely using the post to justify the killing, torture, and rape of fellow human beings (standard war propaganda) because they are considered sub-human. They said the same thing about "Huns, Japs, and g00ks". All lies.

    Say, what's the civillian death toll from US WMD in Afghan and Iraq thus far? Anyone, anyone? After all, we're spreading Jebus using WMD! Hundreds of thousands of bombs dropped on Iraqi towns...but the deaths are hidden from us. Surely we keep a death toll of the people we've killed? And the people we torture all recieve "Iraqi freedom" fair trial? LOL there is not one trial over there, not one. It's brutal US military rule. And if they fight back, they are terrrorists.

    It's funny how the killing of americans STOPPED when you left Viet Nam. I guess you do not learn.
    But you were told that Communism in SE Asia was #1 threat to your freedom! ROTFLOL. How's that working out...

    Some people just need to hate and will jump on the bandwagon, feeble minded people who need religious control and authority in order to feel safe. Us vs. them, a constant war with non-believers of your cult.
  9. Still at it with your racist Islamo-Nazi propaganda TorontoTrader2. I am curious did you pick some of that stuff up at or The Islamic Thinkers Society? You should list your sources next time so we can see from where you get these truthful facts.

    This is what your people say and intend to do when they drop the Islamic Deception Thing (which you seem to be very fond of) -- not me.


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    Doesn't it make you feel proud to be an Islamo-Nazi TorontoTrader2?
  10. I think you said that you live in Northridge (on a hill) in something worth $450,000 ....did you not? I know of nothing on the Northridge for $450....on a hill or no. I could be wrong...but I don't think so.

    However in another post you mentioned some tales that sounds more like Granada Hills or Sylmar or Pacoima to me. I'm a wrong?

    Otherwise you seem be a very angry chap. Why so?

    Or course if you would like to admit that your a liar. Then that's cool too. But I know the Valley like the back of my hand.

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