ISLAMIC terrorists tried to down a US cargo plane using exploding BULLDOGS

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  1. Two animals, stuffed with bombs and detonators, were found by US officers at Baghdad airport. The bombs had been primed to explode during the aircraft's flight to LA.
    But the dogs were never loaded on board as they had been killed by the lethal substances inside them.
    The discovery, kept secret for two years, was revealed in France, days after explosives were found inside printer cartridges last week.
    One terrorism expert said: "It shows al-Qaeda militants' determination to wreak destruction by any means."
  2. Blowing up people, no problem, but start messing with animals you might finally get the looney left to admit there is an al-Qaeda and they are at war with us.
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    lol so true, liberals hate people but love animals.

    PETA will probably hunt Bin Laden down and kill him for us now.