Islamic State fighters capture chemical weapons facility, wants to make bubonic plague

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  1. Islamic State seeks to use bubonic plague as a weapon of war
    By Damien McElroy, Foreign Affairs Correspondent

    5:54PM BST 29 Aug 2014

    ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq have carried out research into the production of biological weapons, compiling a manual of how to make a device and sharing a religious edict that sanctions the use of weapons of mass destruction against civilians.

    The manual explores a variety of means to spread “chemical or biological agent” over a wide area – including rockets and missiles, suicide missions in cars, and contamination of air-conditioning systems.It contains a 19-page manual to learn how to turn the bubonic plague into a weapon of war.

    Islamic State seized control of al-Muthanna, the storage facility that houses Iraq’s stockpile of chemical weapons.

    Mr Gordon subsequently warned the material at the facility could be used by Islamic State to make an improvised chemical weapon. The laptop shows it is actively seeking ways of making chemical and biological bombs.

    Give Assad back his chems and bios to whack these terrorists?


  3. Lucrum


    IF not directly he might as well be.

    In WWII at one time the allies were hatching a plan to air drop snipers just out side his Bavarian home.
    Ultimately they canned the idea on the premise Hitler's repeated strategic incompetence. Was helping the allies far too much for his assassination to be of any benefit in shortening the war.
  4. But I thought Iraq didn't have any WMD? Now they have a chemical weapons stockpile?