Islamic promise...You can take it to the bank

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  1. Earlier this week, the Post revealed that the Saudis have been steadily intensifying their enforcement of the anti-Israel trade embargo in recent years, despite a November 2005 pledge to Washington to desist in exchange for admittance into the World Trade Organization.

    A review of Commerce Department figures conducted by the Post found that the number of boycott-related and restrictive trade-practice requests received by American companies from Saudi Arabia has increased in each of the past two years, rising by more than 76 percent between 2006 and 2008

    Leading Democratic and Republican congressmen expressed outrage following a report in Monday's Jerusalem Post that Saudi Arabia has been violating its promise to Washington to stop enforcing the Arab League boycott of Israel.

    "This is a very disturbing report," Berman said, "particularly in light of the fact that US officials assured us four years ago that Saudi Arabia would abandon the boycott as the condition for its entry into the World Trade Organization."

    Across the aisle, Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana, who chairs the House Republican Conference, also criticized Riyadh for its duplicity. "Saudi Arabia's disregard of its 2005 pledge to end the boycott against Israel is unacceptable," Pence told the Post.

    Ending the Arab League boycott and establishing trade relationships with Israel would help foster much needed peace in the region," Pence added.

    Washington has been attempting to get Riyadh to improve relations with Israel, thus far without success.

    Oh well, they are pathological liars. Who knew?
  2. Our relationship with the muslim world should be very simple, they give us OIL we give them CASH.
  3. I agree, but they boycott american companies that do business with Israel... despite their promise to stop these boycotts. Oh well, if you can't trust the Wahhabis, who can you trust? :)
  4. How to Boycott Israel Properly

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