Islam was the true cause of the London riots

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  1. Too many people have been blaming the blacks, when the real cause was Islam.

    Most black gang leaders are muslim and it is islam which motivates their violence.

    We need to work with our British allies to identify which mosques are responsible and then close down those mosques, replacing them with churches and synagogues.
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    As well as blacks being muslims, blacks also wear adidas shoes and baseball caps.

    i think the root cause was adidas and baseball caps, not islam. i have proof to!
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    ....besides, islam is in fact a peaceful religion.

    just because a bunch of camel bandits in the middle east have bent it to their own ends, doesnt make the original concept any less valid.

    the biggest problem with religion is the distortions people interpret it with. people with faith will understand this.

    its a great shame as it also leads to those who are intellectually challenged like our own 'free thinker' (lol irony if irony ever existed) to instantly dismiss those with faith as some kind of superstitious voodoo fool from the dark ages.

    so the problem isnt religion, its people who are too stupid to understand the message, or even stupider and think they can use the message to further their own ends.

    who's the real fool?
  4. Actually that isn't true. They were mostly Caribbean blacks from Jamaica and other British protectorates. Trust me, I'd be the first to say if Muslims were the impetus for this, and certainly there were Muslims involved in the rioting. However, the catalyst of the riots were not them.

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    In the videos I saw it was mostly "whites" rioting.
  6. They took inspiration from the black muslim gang leaders, who they admire.
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    I'm going with the Adidas hypothesis.
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    You're just trolling.
  9. Rubbish.

    If we dig deep into the causes, the root cause is islam inspired black gangsters.

    We must not blame things on the blacks, they are just the messenger.

    There is a phrase called 'don't shoot the messenger' but you probably dont get that phrase in China.
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    i think idiots like you were the cause of the riots.

    i mean having to share the worlds natural resources, and breath the same air with a fuckwitt such as your self is enough to make anyone want to smash something up.

    get a life.

    go and get laid (if you can)

    the world aint such a bad place
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