ISLAM Says Thou Shall Torture!

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  1. Torture Arab Royalty Style

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  2. Eight


    We found enough natural gas recently in the US to fuel cars and everything for many decades. Maybe we could cut those Arabs off from their oil money and after awhile we could check back and see who's torturing who

  3. oh wow, I always thought the whole world outside of america was rainbows

    is obama sheikhs other brother? he sure looks like one, nasty motherfucker
  4. Oh come on, USA and Israel use just as mush torture are their saudi terrror buddies.

    Face is, to a USA or Israeli soldier an arab's live is worth zero, zip, nada.

    They have hateful racist names for them: crispy critters, raggers, sand n__gers.

    We drop WMD on them! Of course we torture!! EVERY army and intelligence service in the world uses torture. If you still think they spread "freedom, libery, and glory" then you are still under the death cult's spell....

    If you shrill, strident bleeding hearts are getting your panties in a knot about a bit of torture...well then take a closer look at your own regime leaders.

    Torture is nomal and legalized now, our goverment loves to use it. It's a valuable tool in the "war of terrroism". Who would Jesus torture? Well, block that last part out of your mind.
  6. According to a treaty signed by the US and others in a town in Switzerland, there is no such thing as legitimate torture.

    Try again Bernard.

    This is an example of non-Muslims acting as Muslims, and they need to be stopped.
  7. Nonsense ARealGannTrader! So you are telling me that if there was an individual that had definite knowledge of a suicide bomber that was about to kill you and your entire family you would prefer that this individual not be tortured in divulging this information, and the hell with you and your entirely family as long as this terrorist is not tortured you and your entire family will be beatified, and life happily ever in the Afterlife.

    I am talking about ethics -- not politics. The ethics that justify legitimate torture.

    People can get together, and make anything lawful or unlawful. Just because some people decide to make a treaty about anything doesn't mean it is sacrosanct or morally correct!
  8. shut up already, you morons talk as if we live in a fair and just world, that some fucking country has the right to police others for whatever fucking reason, that your governments never lie to you, that when they tell you their torture saves lives that you must agree it does, man pull your heads out of your ass and see the world for what it is, it's a jungle out there, and it was meant to be, law and order is synthetic and it's only a matter of time till some group of people find a way to use it for their own benefit and as a tool to f*ck others with, really pull your heads out of your asses and see the world for what it is, then you will stop defending entities that don't give a f*ck about your existence
  9. This is considered a democracy? More like a barbaric racist tribal state:


    Eitan Fellner, head of the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, says that "torture became a bureaucratic routine in all Shin Bet interrogation centers. We estimate that 85 percent of Palestinian detainees were tortured, though many were later released without a charge." In other words, there are tens of thousands of Palestinians who made confessions under torture that are now presumably invalid, and who are entitled to redress.

    Truth be told, the torture issue in Israel does not reflect much glory on many human rights organizations. In the 1980s Amnesty International shirked the issue both before and after the Landau Commission, despite the efforts of people such as Professor Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois, who campaigned fiercely to make it take a stance. I talked to Boyle after the latest decision. "It's about time," he said and then recalled traveling to Israel in the mid-eighties to raise with Israeli officials the question of Nuremberg accountability for what Israel was doing to the Palestinians.
  10. it's truly amazing how some people can't see the difference between the necessary evil of torturing the Osama Bin Ladens of the world not to punish them for the crimes they have committed but to extract information to prevent future Beslans, Balis and 9/11s...and immorality of abusing power and torturing people as revenge and punishment for alleged financial/business machinations or similar inconsequential actions.

    This is not to say that we should resort to torture or that it should be legalized but conflating these two completely different scenarios is just plain stupid, I fully expect it from TorontoTrader2 of course but other posters should certainly be smarter than that.
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