Islam, Religion of Peace?

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  1. It is no less repugnant than IRA Catholics who terrorized the streets of Belfast and Dublin with bombing raids to make their political points.

    It is no more that fault of a religion, than it is the fault of parents who have kids who grow up to be killers.

    If that were the case, we would be putting criminals, and their parents in jail.
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  2. Aaahhhh....

    I'm really getting to see all the propogandas and idiotic stereo-typical misconceptions people have towards others.

    Reminds me of how Americans think of Japanese and how Japanese think of Americans.

    When will the world come to a higher state of mind towards things like this?
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  3. makes ya wonder what Japanese-Americans think of Japanese and Americans.
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  4. The popular religions are all bad. A Christian is no one to throw stones at a Muslim. Both religions have their atrocities. Isn't it funny how these books have to keep on being rewritten in order to still be respected? Who is man to rewrite the word of God, anyway? Do you really think it's OK for man to change what God told him to do?

    This is why these Muslim fundamentalists are really true believers. I think they're a bunch of whackos, but I will give them that they are true followers. At least they don't distort the true beliefs of who they perceive as God. I would really like to know what makes you Christians think you can selectively pick and choose elements from the Bible. Where does it say you can do that? If you think that's OK, at least have the decency to admit you're not a true Christian.

    Anyways, back to the question. As the quotes Rearden Metal posted demonstrate:

    "seize them and put them to death wherever you find them, kill them wherever you find them, seek out the enemies of Islam relentlessly" (Sura 4:90)

    it is a fact that Islam is NOT a religion of peace. Muslims who do not do what their God told them, are NOT true Muslims. Therefore, a "peaceful Muslim" can only say that THEIR version of God's word is peaceful.
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  5. Bouds


    I should like to say how encouraged I am by the replies posted in this thread to the absolute immature and ignorant rubbish printed by the originator.

    With all the Muslim and Arab bashing that is going on at the moment, as a Muslim myself, it is good to know that there are still people out there who hold an open, non-racist mind with the courage to say when they disagree.

    Yes there are extremist Muslims who act for their own personal gain, as there are in all religions. It is interesting to note that the originator linked to the Israeli Likud website for his justification - how much more murderous is Prime Minister Sharon and his terrorist mates - but that doesn't mean that all Israelis or jews are bad people.

    Anyways, what this thread has to do with trading, God only knows. Have wasted enough time on this, now let's get back to what most of us are here to do - trade and share USEFUL information as part of a non-religious, non-secular community

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  6. >>Labeling a person of religion in stereo-types are just stupid.<<

    Oh I would think that generalising (any kind of group) is quite O.K. as long as we leave the option open that there may be exceptions to the rule.

    Bouds of course has gone back to the trading threads otherwise I would have suggested that he must be blind. Not even one eyed but 100% BLIND (enough to qualify for the blind pension) as well as being unable to see things objectively.

    For example, the way Islam followers are treating women is barbaric. Whether that is a teaching or not I don't know. I am only looking at the facts. I just don't understand that the Muslims themselves cannot see how badly they behave.

    Now before someone else says that I am a Muslim basher I will show how evenhanded I am by also bringing the Catholic church in the picture by mentioning the terrible atrocities THEY have committed.

    It isn't all that long ago that women were thrown in the water being accused of being witches in league with the devil. If they floated it was a sign that they were witches. If they sank (and drowned) that meant that they were innocent.

    And what about the atrocities in our lifetime committed between catholics and protestants neighbours ?

    Here is a funny story.

    In the early 1930's my (much older) sister attended a school run by nuns. (O.K. O.K. I never said I was a spring chicken)

    These nuns were certainly very unloving creatures and certainly most aggressively, and hatefully so, anti protestant in their outlook. So much so that one of the nuns told the children that they shouldn't talk to, let alone mix with, protestants.

    When my sister put her hand up to say : "That means that I cannot talk to my mother because she is protestant" she was banned from the school because she displayed insubordinate behaviour.

    Such strong hateful disgusting feelings (by people who should have been a living example of christianity) hardly displayed christian behaviour did they now ?

    Yet ..................... those grown ups just couldn't see how bad their behaviour was.

    However, it looks more to me that the problem lies in the way we are made i.e. totally oblivious to reality.

    The problem is that we have animal instincts within us dominating our behaviour.

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  7. msfe


    `However, it looks more to me that the problem lies in the way we are made i.e. totally oblivious to reality.

    The problem is that we have animal instincts within us dominating our behaviour.


    pluralis maiestatis
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  8. Nice post msfe...
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  9. >>pluralis maiestatis<<

    Msfe that word isn't spelled like that in english.

    What you are trying to say is anyway out of context here.

    Do you notice how civil I am to you despite the fact you are an idit ?

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  10. I think the problem with saying there is moral equivalency between Islam and other major religions is that the authoritative voices of Islam are still preaching hate and violence as religious duties. Many Catholics may have sympathized with the IRA for whatever reason, but the Pope was not cheering them on. In Saudi Arabia the contrary is going on. Weekly sermons are filled with calls to jihad. The Saudis finance religious schools in many countries that are breeding grounds for terrorists.

    No doubt the Old Testament is filled with warfare and instances of nonbelievers being massacred. To that extent one might feel it is unfair to quote verses from the Koran that call for violence against non-muslims. The problem is that Islamists have not moved beyond that. Their actions--not just sermons--are remarkably true to the Prophet's instructions on dealing with non-believers.

    I know many muslims and most are decent people. In truth, many of the things they find distasteful in our society I also find problematic. So why was it so hard for their leaders to denounce the 9/11 terrorists? Why do they oppose simple measures to protect our security on the grounds that it discriminates against them? Why do they expect fawning tolerance for Islam here but will not let our troops who are protecting them bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia?
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