Islam, Religion of Peace?

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  1. Cutten


    If Islam is the most bloodthirsty religion, you would expect murder rates and violent crime in Muslim countries to be far higher than a solidly Christian country like America. Anyone know the respective per capita rates of murder, violent crime, and rape?
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  2. point well taken.....on the other hand, we don;t cut off a hand for stealing....we give suspended sentences......most of these countries have crime deterrent punishments
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  3. 98% of Egyptian girls have their clitoris brutally amputated, completely destroying all sexual pleasure for life.

    How's that for a violent crime statistic?
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  4. You sure about that????? WOW!........ BTW , what do they do with that part when they are done? They could probably market it here in America as a " Men's Health Chewing Gum":D
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  5. The most bloodthirsty vs members of other religions. I think that's undeniable. And please no one bring up the crusade etc, we're talking about today's world.
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  6. Pabst


    It's not as if Nazi Germany suffered a high incident of street crime. The correlation between "crime statistics" and blood thirstiness is non-analogous.
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