Islam Is Such A Fair And Tolerant Religion

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    A Christian girl with Down syndrome could be punished by death in Pakistan after she was spotted holding burned pages of Islamic text in public, activists and police say.

    The girl, identified by police as Rimsha, was arrested on blasphemy charges and is being detained in Islamabad ahead of a court appearance before the end of the month, AFP reports.

    Defaming Islam, the Koran or the Prophet Muhammed is a capital offense in Pakistan.

    A Pakistani police officer, Zabi Ullah, said Monday that the girl was arrested Thursday after hundreds of neighbors, angry over reports she had allegedly burned religious papers, gathered outside her house.

    "About 500-600 people had gathered outside her house in Islamabad, and they were very emotional, angry, and they might have harmed her if we had not quickly reacted," he said.
  2. lol . . . you're such a wack-job,

    why didn't you post the entire article?
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    Why would he need to? Defaming Islam is a capital offense, that's all one needs to know about muslims
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    I try to stay within what I believe is fair use when posting other people's work.
  5. Just to be fair, of course the Crusades and other dark ages persecution from the Christians were all good things, right? Get real. All the extremes in all the Religions, are bogus and well, extreme craziness.
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    You mean the ones where the Muslims had taken over many Christian sites by force and Christians were being liberated?

    Besides, you are comparing apples and oranges. Wise up.