Islam is so tolerant

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    The 'religion of peace' proves once again to be the most primitive and oppressive major belief system on the planet.

    This isn't fringe stuff, this is the government of a large nation doing this:

    Ass holes- it is the muslims, and not the dogs, who are unclean and depraved.
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    Geez ---- I didn't need to read that! I think it wasn't the words of Gabriel that Muhammad transcribed but the words of Satan. :mad:
  3. When will you learn to stop blaming Islam for the actions of people?

    I blame the in name only Christians all the time, but I don't blame Christ or Christianity.

  4. Will you ever be able to see the forest behind the trees? It's their system of beliefs (Islam) that make these people act the way they do. It's their oppressive and backward religion ingrained into their heads since birth that turn them into medieval savages. It does manifest itself differently in different places, from female genital mutilation, to honor killings, to terrorism and suicide bombings, to anti-pet campaigns, to gay hangings... But nothing positive has come out of Islam in the last thousand years, yet their record of oppression, ignorance, brutality, intolerance is well documented. One thousand years is more than enough statistical material to draw some conclusions.
  5. Why don't you read Sharia Law you stupid ass and learn something! [​IMG]
  6. It is a system of beliefs, agree.

    A belief system is held by a book of scriptures?


    It is held by human beings.

    Stop blaming Islam and start blaming the radical fanatical Islamic human beings.

    Hope you are smart enough to understand the difference.

    I certainly don't blame the religion of Judaism for the violent actions of jews...

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    Well, which is it?
  8. You wouldn't recognize a radical Muslim until one shoves an IED up your ass. [​IMG]
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    Good brief analysis. +1
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    please bear in mind that is has been only a few short decades since blacks in the USA had to use a separate public water fountain than whites.......were the blacks back then an "unclean animal"?
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