Islam is not a religion of peace

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    BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber struck Shiite pilgrims Sunday as they were taking a break during the days-long walk to a Shiite shrine south of Baghdad for a major religious gathering, killing some 40 people and wounding 60.
  3. What do you know dddooo! You share the same interest with this guy!


    Any questions dddooo? Need further proof that there is no difference between you and the nazis who filth this forum???
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    Like the the majority of relgions are? I think most of them are all in the same boat. All these F'ed up dillusional conceptions of religion are the main causes of deaths in the world.

    It all comes down to the small brained ideology of "My God is better than yours" and we are justified for killing millions because our God is telling us it is our duty, by the teachings of deception based on major religious books.

    Just makes you wonder why anyone can't just pick a book called "The biggest Bullshit lies of Religion" and start killing millions and have it justified. Why? Well... because my book of beliefs says I can.

    This world has the worst case of "Beer Goggle" syndrome I have ever seen!

    Oh SHEET! Did I just throw gas on the fire or what?
  5. One other thing...And this is for Baron. By you deleting this thread, you will end up putting yourself in a double standard position. This thread is considered to be friendly in comparison to what one of your moderators (TGregg) used to post.
  6. maybe it is doodoo and he forgot which name he was using? LOL
  7. Miruna, stop spewing anti-islamic hatred, you fucking Zionist animal!!!
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  9. Exactly...He is the other side of you. Too bad He fucked up by distributing his hate equally. Otherwise, you and him would've been buddy buddy.

    Anyway; you have been exposed. Your attempt to distance yourself from this Nazi is only bringing you closer due to the shared belief system between you and him.
  10. In many occasions, I have expressed my disgust with the fact that dddooo has been using the same exact argument as the one in the protocols of zion. The only difference between dddooo's version and that of the protocol is the religion being attacked.
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