Islam Hangs its Women High!

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    Info: The photograph is of Fariba Tajiani Imamgholi, 30, who was hanged on March 19, along with four men, in East Tehran's Khaksefid district. Tajiani was among hundreds of impoverished residents of Khaksefid, arrested on February 22 during a brutal raid by the State Security Forces who razed their homes and subsitence to the ground.

    Early morning on March 19, the State Security Forces returned for another show of force. This time, they brought along five former residents of Khaksefid to hang them before the eyes of their neighbors. Fariba was sobbing, begging the judge to forgive her, but to no avail. She was taken up the crane, and moments later, she was no more!

    Fariba was one of the first victims of a new wave of terror prevailing Iran and the first woman who was hanged in public, to terrify a weary population growing more disenchanted every day with its oppressive rulers.

    Under Iran Revolutionary law young girls who were sentenced to death could not be executed if they were still virgins. Thus they were "married off" to Revolutionary Guards and prison officials in temporary marriages and then raped before their execution, to prevent them going to heaven. The Mullahs believed that these women were ungodly and did not deserve paradise in the next life, and that if they were deprived of their virginity it would ensure that they went to hell. Therefore on the night prior to execution, the condemned girl was injected with a tranquilliser and then raped by her guard(s). After the execution, the religious judge at the prison would write out a marriage certificate and send it to the victim's family along with a box of sweets.
  2. "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of revolution". Iranian situation is looking very, very ugly.
  3. Priests =! Christianity
    Mullahs =! Islam

    ( Cnbc =! Market :D )

    Both are only religious leaders... And you know both should be follower of a teaching... not the reverse...

  4. Isn't the Religion of Peace grand? One even gets to rape young girls in Peace i.e., with the sanction and encouragement of its religious, judicial, and ethical authorities.

    Why isn't the Pope and Western governments loudly protesting these crimes against humanity and more importantly empowering these people to overthrow this evil Islamic government? That is because they are too busy protecting the rights of Muslims worldwide to attack Israel with impunity!
  5. And this is how Islam raises its women so high...

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  7. why those people were hanged.

    For me , there is no big difference between hanging and injecting or frying them as in USA.

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    No problem really, I have it on good authority from our ET liberals that they are simply exercising their religious freedom.
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    2 years from now many of the leftist dictators will be looking for the exits.

    Ahmedinajad, Chavez, Lulu, Ortega etc are all going to have to run for it at some point.

    The next U.S. President is going to make things a right.
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