Islam Exposed -- Lies About Islam

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by BernardRichards, Dec 18, 2009.

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  2. Bernard is this all your contribution to this forum is frightening people from Islam. I am telling you that people are more intelligent than you think and all what you are going to do is you will make them read and seek knowledge and this is exactly what Islam wants. knowledge resources now are very widely available so i bet on the intelligence of our mates here.

    We know as a fact if someone faithfully seeks truth , he or she will find it.

    These directed media will not help to stop Islam to reach the hearts and minds of people seek truth.

    do your best because this will not change anything but will make it worse for you :D \

    Your bet is people are stupids and we bet people are intelligent.

    Let us see who will win in the end..

    Happy trading all :)
  3. BR, I have a question for you that would be best asked privately (you'll see why), but you've completely disabled PM's & emails. Can you PM or email me with a way to contact you?
  4. BR, I would have preferred to ask you this privately:

    There's something I'm having trouble understanding. You're a U.S. government gang member, aren't you? So why would you jeopardize your career by speaking truthfully about Islam? The private sector doesn't pay nearly as well, plus you'd lose your power to completely ruin people's lives at will.

    If I'm not mistaken extortion, robbery, carjacking and senseless political imprisonment are all permissible to you feds... but dissing the religion of peace like you've been doing would be a major no-no... am I wrong?