? Islam and Buddhism are more alike than you think

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  2. Thanks for the like today, Murray.

    Just learned that Muslims can be also referred to an Ethnic group in Nepal. Interesting!
  3. From the article/her writing:

    "Today, members and leaders of the Islamic faith actively condemn acts of violence. They speak out against injustices and work together with other Abrahamic faiths in interfaith dialogues to aid the spread of understanding and peace."

    Okay. Let me process that.
  4. JSOP


    "Islam and Buddhism are more alike than you think" - LOL Yeah ok, nice try. For one thing, Buddhism does NOT have a God and has NO prophets that are censored. Buddhism is a school of thought, a way of life and not really a religion. More alike? LOL Try couldn't be more different.
  5. tomorton


    They are similar in some ways. They're both founded in beliefs with no evidential basis.
  6. JSOP


    ALL religions are found on beliefs with no evidential basis. LOL Buddhism is a way of life, a school of thought, a philosophy.
  7. tomorton


    Buddhist beliefs encompass reincarnation and the existence of deities which are immortal and have an existence beyond our ordinary senses and powers of influence and action beyond the human. Sounds like a religion to me.
  8. Good thinking!

    Here are some questions:

    1. What is a religion, how to define a thing is a religion?

    2. Is Conservatives a religion? Is Progressives a religion? Is Capitalism a religion? Is Communism a religion?

    3. How to define a religion is a successful one? How to define a religion is a good religion? Should all religions be legal?

    4. Perhaps a universal framework of practical philosophy should be developed and taught by all religions in order to provide a kind of supplementary knowledge for religious organisations.

    In other words, a sub-group or Sunday school of this practical philosophy should be available to all worship places for their worshipers to learn something beyond their holy books.

    When all the religious leaders are supporting this initiative, and every individual believers can choose freely anytime now or later to learn this supplementary knowledge, the world would most likely become a better and more peaceful world for the well-being of all people! lol
  9. JSOP


    Deity does NOT exist in Buddhism, in contrary to what a lot of people think. There is NO God in the metaphysical sense like what exists in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and etc. Buddha, is NOT a God; it's a state of being that anyone can reach.
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  10. tomorton


    The Buddha may or may not have been a god when he had mortal form but he's certainly a god now and there are multiple deities in Buddhism. Religion is not defined solely as belief in only a single god or a single supreme god.
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