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  1. You could focus on the charts, trade and make money, or you can continue to be a stalker and focus on things that have nothing to do with Technical Analysis and charts.

    Stalkers like you need something to do to pass the time....I guess.

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  2. Or one could make numerous left leaning political pontifications... but I digress. Well, why did you change your identity, 777?
    #12     Dec 23, 2003
  3. Yes, you digress, as usual.

    Why would you even ask such a question? What would any given answer mean to a stalker like you? Why would any normal person care about an anonymous handle anyway?

    It is not as if any answer that could be provided would satisfy your stalking urges anyway.

    A rose by any other name.....

    Principles before personalities....

    What a waste of time. Is this really how you spend you time, wondering if and why people would change a handle?

    Please tell me there is something more important in your life than this meaningless, useless, and wasted attempt on your part to prove something which is completely irrelevant to anything in the charts posted or technical analysis.

    Try posting a chart that people can profit from, make a positive contribution to technical analysis, rather than waste space with an insipid inquiry into the methods of anonymity used in cyberspace.


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  4. If someone changed a handle? Mr. Rogue-A-Rama, I was simply confirming what yet another poster has discovered about you. Please, by all means, keep it a big secret pertaining to your "methods of anonymity."
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  5. maxpi


    Nice call, ISIS did not make it on to my radar until the close of the 22nd.
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  6. 75playa


    Nice catch Rouge. Keep 'um coming
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  7. Target 8 bucks or higher...

    #17     Jan 5, 2004