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  1. [​IMG]
  2. and........

  3. Isn't it obvious? You are certainly not that dense, are you?
  4. I just figured out who you are. Fancy we cross paths again. 777

    Have a nice day.
  5. For those who saw the obviousness of it, reap, reap, reap....




  6. Who don't know that! Here's roguies address for the chart he posted above:

    Here's a 777 chat log excerpt:

    losloslos (May 22, 2003 11:49:19 AM)
    999 ES short

    OPTIONAL777 (May 22, 2003 11:49:23 AM)
    Long COMS 5.14

    OPTIONAL777 (May 22, 2003 11:50:09 AM) what does this chart say, buy or sell?
  7. Who else but a stalker like Max would keep chat logs from last May?

  8. Oh, please......... Simply punch in your website into Google... pretty advanced.
  9. Simple for a stalker like you.

    Most normal people would just be looking at the charts.

  10. Your version of normality perhaps would have one too busy changing to new identities to review any charts.
    #10     Dec 23, 2003