ISIS Has Seized 88 Pounds Of Uranium In Northern Iraq

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  1. That's good news given the border is a porous as obama's brain.

    I can only hope that when the bomb goes off it's in some democrats sanctuary city and not mine.
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    i hope this is not true. if true that is a nightmare end of times kind of scenario.

    plus apparently the Iphone app siri stated the gates of hell will open july 27 2014 and it stated that last year.
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  4. I don't suppose it occurred to a single American on this site, that there is

    NO WAY USA would have left 88 pounds of Uranium for a decade in Iraq to collect dust.

    Especially while US is grilled for a decade on "where are the WMDs in Iraq"

    This is either a lie OR

    If ISIS has Uranium, then someone has given it to them, CIA, or Russians, or Chinese or whoever for some ulterior motive.

    And to my fellow Canadians, fight your urge to become Americanized because those folks, don't have a single brain cell operating. They are cans of cheap beer and coke walking around.
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    (Reuters) - Insurgents in Iraq have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country's north, Iraq told the United Nations in a letter appealing for help to "stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad."

    Nearly 40 kilograms (88 pounds) of uranium compounds were kept at Mosul University, Iraq's U.N. Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the July 8 letter obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.

    "Terrorist groups have seized control of nuclear material at the sites that came out of the control of the state," Alhakim wrote, adding that such materials "can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction."

    These nuclear materials, despite the limited amounts mentioned, can enable terrorist groups, with the availability of the required expertise, to use it separate or in combination with other materials in its terrorist acts," said Alhakim.

    He warned that they could also be smuggled out of Iraq.

    A U.S. government source familiar with the matter said the materials were not believed to be enriched uranium and therefore would be difficult to use to manufacture into a weapon. Another U.S. official familiar with security matters said he was unaware of this development raising any alarm among U.S. authorities.
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    It is laboratory grade so it is suitable for a dirty bomb.

    I've read about what is involved with cleaning up a dirty bomb contamination site. Basically you build a fence around the area and wait a few hundred years.

    Lower Manhattan could be re-named the Harry Reid Contamination Zone.

    It would be walled off then tarped but will be open for business again around the year 2164 when it could possibly be reclaimed as an automated industrial area or maybe a giant waste treatment plant. People would not be able to occupy or even visit the area for a good deal longer than that.

    The only upside is that since nearly every large city is a liberal nightmare its going to affect the right people, mostly.
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    and these traitors in D.C. are not sealing the border up tight...
    dear God help this guys do their job... and that is the start of a prayer not used in vain.