Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by LelandC, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. LelandC


    Anyone here have trouble with ISI today? My orders would go live but no fills, and I had orders that sat out there for 3 minutes with prints going off. I use ISI to route to DOT for my listed trades.

    Anyone have any opinions on this ARCA-Ex thing?

  2. qazmax


    I was wondering why you use ISI instead of going to the NYSE directly?

  3. LelandC


    ISI is the order entry that my broker uses for listed trades. It is plenty fast for me....

  4. jem


    Leland one guy in my office was bitching more than usual today. However, I felt that while we were in the triangle the specialists just had no desire to see you get a short fill at the top of the range or a long fill at the bottom. Lately when I start feelling this I only trade in the third market, which generally creates scratch trades (while we are still in the range) after commish or when I am smart I choose not to trade. I do not think it was ISI as much as the specialist not wanting to give out sweet entries.

    Of course you could be early, but I do not like the risk reward of being early in a fairly tight range.
  5. LelandC



    I didn't have any problems with ISI today. This thread was from last month. ISI worked well for me today as is usually the case. I am very happy with ISI....