iShares silver scam SLV exposed

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by peilthetraveler, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Very eye opening.

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  2. Just saw this one the other night, Thanks. Also, right now there is a demand of 127% for silver
    , the last time the demand was this high was when the hunt brothers tried to corner the market and caused a 3500% increase from trough to peak.

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  3. You guys think everyone's out to get you. I've never seen the conspiracies fly quite like precious metals. You're in a whole different wacked-out dimension.

    You guys need to get silver off your brain. It's STUUUUUUUUUPID.
  4. If you're dumb enough to invest in an etf with a butchered prospectus then that is your responsibility, no one elses. No conspiracy, in the video he simply read the prospectus of the ETF. So what? No ones out to get us . We just realize that there is demand for metals due to an over abundance of Federal Reserve Notes. Essentially it is the same as investing in any commodity during an inflationary period.

    Actually , edit.... when I say "no one is out to get us" I take that back...... There are some people out there that want to to get any fool that allows himself to be had. Doesn't mean I think EVERYONE is out to get me.
  5. To the OP, are you fucking kidding me, did you just roll out of a rock yesterday? That's the same for every commodity etf/contract. If we are at a panic level where redemption for physical is a reality, then it's already game over. Most will not get anything. Gold, silver, base metal, wheat, coco, you name it. That's a given, just because this idiot on youtube think he just discovered fire, doesnt make it any less common sense.

    give it a rest.
  6. Yeah, I'm kidding you. Get a clue...people do not read prospectuses. This video is a warning to them that think they can always get silver if the economy collapses.

    Dont try to discredit someone just because they are on youtube and not on your precious MSNBC or other major media network. You remind me of this guy in this video who only listens to well known economists.

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  7. the guy in the video looks and sounds like a piker. The only thing he's probably ever traded is his peanut butter and jelly sandwich @ lunch.
  8. exactly! These guys act like there's a cookie-cutter set of actions for crisis and mass-liquidation of their bars of silver is part of it. When and if the shit hits the fan, a physical piece of metal isn't going to save the day. Don't get me wrong, owning a few bars isn't going to hurt, but the spectacle these guys make of it is sickening.
  9. will you be able to eat your silver and does it taste better than your gold?
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