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  1. Whenever I put in my orders, I route them to the ISE. Whenever I look at volumes on contracts, I usually notice that the ISE volumes are highest, and thus the spreads are the tightest and usually the best bid/ask is offered. Even when I put in limit orders and the ISE isn't giving me the best bid/ask, it will fire off anyways.

    My question is: how are these other exchanges going to survive if their damn MMs don't start serving the financial community better? I mean, I've pretty much boycotted the CBOE all together.

    I think the other exchanges are eventually going to be pointless, and I also think that the Pacific exchange has to be losing money on their options markets.

    Can I short stock on the Pacific Stock Exchange? Why do they always have the widest spreads?

    Last comment: I can't wait until fungibility on OEX contracts becomes a reality on the ISE!!!
  2. Pabst


    High trade of a PSE membership: May 1998, $500,000
    Last Trade of a PSE seat May 2002, $ 21,000

    CBOE high was around $900.000 back in '98, currently bid at $185,000
  3. For how much a month do you think I could lease a seat on the PSX, AMEX, or CBOE?

  4. I think I read they couldn't give leased seats away on the PSX lately lol.
  5. Unlikely that the OEX options would be listed on the ISE anytime soon since they are licensed by Standard and Poors.
  6. Free on PSX if you agree to pay the monthly dues ...
  7. $19,700 bid
    $20,000 ask

    as of 2:50 p.m PST 05/24/02
  8. $42,000 bid
    $55,000 ask

    as of 3:30 pm 5/21/2002

    last consummated sale $42,000 on 5/21/2002
  9. $185,000 bid
    $205,000 ask

    as of 10:25 am on 5/23/2002

    last sale $195,000 on 5/23/2002
  10. Does anyone here have any experience with busted trades from ISE. I bought calls at 1.45 when market was 1.8 bid /1,85 offered. After I got an execution report at 1.45 the stock tanked hard in the next 2 minutes, I assumed that the trade would'nt be busted since the stock wnet down so I covered the calls at a loss. Does ISE bust a lot of trades?

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