Is your trading strategy more like fishing or hunting?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TMTrader, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Do you feel in trading more like a hunter who stalks his pray or more like a fisherman who tosses his hook/web and wait?
  2. I feel more like a trapper.
  3. Interesting... How does that work?
  4. I fish for good prints, but as soon as I get em, I get dragged underwater. :D
  5. Stalker. Wait, watch, observe then pull it into the van and club it over the head. If it does not behave after a short time throw it out while moving fast and watch it tumble away.....

    I might have some issues :cool:
  6. lol,

  7. Like a fisher at a pond with a hand gernade.
  8. .... Relaxing:D
  9. Definitely!!! :D
  10. Dear TMTrader,

    It looks like your "." forum has even more success than this one. Keep on inventing new ones.

    Be good,

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