Is your QChart data unusually slow today?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Jordan, Jun 6, 2003.

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    Granted their data is always poor, but lately, and especially today, it is coming across in spurts with delays every 15 secs or so. Of course to contact them is like talking to a cement wall.

    Anyone else having problems today?

    Edit: Once in awhile a phone call helps. Although the website and automated phone service says there are no issues, a live tech guy said they have had problems all day.
  2. Actually I have noticed that their data has been f*cked up for about the past month. Typically the server freezes for a minute or so right after the open, in other words right when you need it the most.

    They have two saving graces. One, they're cheap. Two, all the other data services are lousy too. Might as well get it cheap.

    Their charting is brilliant. Forget TS or RealTick, QCharts has all someone who knows what they're doing needs. And their customer service is the absolute worst I have ever dealt with. TradeStation used to be totally useless too, but their reps at least would not get into screaming matches with you. In terms of bad attitude and rudeness, I'm confident they are number one by a safe margin. Luckily you never need them.
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    Perfectly said AAA. Customer service is clearly not a priority, but the charting is outstanding. I tried esignal and TS and came back for the charts.

    Good luck AAA! Thanks for the laugh.
  4. Having trouble with the Tradestation feeds today, they partially blame it on some 'Net backbone problems.

  5. That would be the virus choking everyone..
  6. Yes, I have been experiencing delays today, some as much as several seconds which is not acceptable. Changing servers did not really help. I telephoned them and sent them an e-mail, which is not unlike pressing the close button on an elevator: it gives you something to do.


  7. My RealTick data was slow today at times. Might have been the internet.
  8. Qcharts is working on the problem, they are having a major push to sign up new customers, which I am sure will improve their slow servers. They did this about 2 years ago and it was a complete disaster for customers.
  9. I thought Realtick had upgraded their servers for institutional use ... yeah right !
  10. Interesting - just noticed this thread after doing some of my own pissing and moaning over on the Tradestation thread.

    There are other uniquely TS-related problems taking place at the moment, but TS did claim that Bell South/the backbone was the reason for particular problems today. Though Interactive Brokers price quotes mostly seemed up-to-the moment, they did frequently get "chunky" - seeming to move in fits and starts rather than continuously.

    Throw in the unusually high volume on the session - the highest on the Nasdaq in almost a year: I get the feeling a lot of the vendors were stressed - along with the traders, too, to say the least.

    Reminds me a lot of how things used to be back in ancient times - say, 2000, when the Nasdaq was first crashing, and the primitive services we used frequently crashed or remained useless. I also seem to recall other "hack attack" sessions (haven't seen the news on this btw) that were problematic...

    Anyway, if you can't have things the way you want them, it's at least nice to know that others are suffering, too... :D
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