Is your broker now charnging you index options exchange fees?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Option Trader, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. I have been getting index options exchange fees from IB in my activity statements (under "unbundled commissions" which is a misnomer) over the last month. They amount to about $.50 per option contract, which is something shocking.

    Have you been getting the same with your broker?
  2. who is the receiver of the dollars? You or them?
  3. This is a charge.
  4. Have you considered trading with another broker? Let me tell you I've been doing it with Tradeview and so far I don't have any complain about spreads or fees.
  5. MTE


    Everyone pays exchange fees. The only difference is that some brokers charge them separately, while others have them incorporated in commissions.

    If you have been trading index options for a while and they have just now started charging you these then ask them about this.
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    If you are the vendor, you should make a disclosure when you promote your own product.
  7. IB charges 18 cents in exchange fees, per option, for RUT options.