Is your bank account cleaned out yet?

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  1. Until we have the death penalty for these scum, expect more of the same. You think Putin doesn't get a cut?

    Internet crooks craft creative counterfeiting scam

    By JORDAN ROBERTSON (AP) – 5 hours ago

    SAN FRANCISCO — Think of it as one more reason not to write checks.

    Hackers believed to be operating out of Russia have figured out a high-tech way to carry out the decidedly low-tech crime of check fraud, a computer security company says — writing at least $9 million in fakes against more than 1,200 legitimate accounts.

    But these hackers got the account information in an unusual way: They broke into three websites that specialize in a little-known type of business — archiving check images online.

    Check counterfeiting is a crime that savvy Internet criminals usually pass up. After all, it's far easier for them to make money by stealing credit cards and online banking passwords.