Is YM Trading Thin?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by BrooksRimes, May 8, 2005.

  1. I'm new here so this could well be a mistake I'm making ...
    but I'm looking at a 5 minute chart of YM from Friday (5/6/05) in Sierra Chart (data from myTrack) and it looks very thinly traded.

    For about half of the bars, the OHLC are all the same. This chart is the June 2005 contract.

    In myTrack the symbol is RU`M. In normal systems :), it would be YM05M or YM0506.

    Can someone enlighten me?


  2. Quah


    None of the 5 minute bars on friday RTH have the same OHLC. Only about 2 or 3 of the pre-market bars have the same OHLC.
  3. What is RTH? My data feed (myTrack) says CMEX. It shows the last price as 597.30 (as of now).

    Maybe I'm looking at the wrong symbol, but I'm not sure how to find the right one.

    Here's the last few days daily quotes:
    RU`M05 open high low close change vol
    5/6/2005 600 600 594.5 596.85 1 1,070
    5/5/2005 594.9 599.5 591.25 595.85 0.85 1,268
    5/4/2005 587.05 596.5 585.75 595 7 1,158
    5/3/2005 585.9 590.25 582 588 2.25 1,096
    5/2/2005 582 586 579 585.75 4.85 1,190

    Do I have the right contract/symbol? Does it trade about 1100 contracts/day?

  4. BCE


    Says here you can trade the Dow Jones E-mini, which by the way isn't what it's actually called, but then doesn't have the symbol.
  5. BCE


    I think this is it here. Read the last post. :
    OK - I give up.

    Any one know the Mytrack symbol for the e mini Dow future?
    I've subscribed to CBOTLtd and tried Q'M and YMM3

    What have I got wrong?


    Have a try with YM`M.

    Remember to use the ` which is to the left of your number 1 on your keyboard.


    Thanks Skim

    I often wondered what that key did!

    I used the Apostrophe - left of the hash key.

    Q`M is the one I get to work on Mytrack and Sierra</B>

    BTW, PM me and I'll give you my address to send the check to. :D
  6. Yes, Q`M is right and solves the problem.

    myTrack uses wacked out symbols, completely different from the rest of the world!

  7. QM is the symbol for light crude oil with Interactive Brokers... :p
  8. Xenia


    What are you looking for ?

    (a) Mini-Dow future (eCBOT)

    (b) E-Mini Russell2000 future (CME/GLOBEX)
  9. Xenia,

    As far as I know:

    Q`M is the mini Dow
    NO`M is the Russell 2000 e-mini


    P.S. I loved your show (by any spelling)

  10. BCE


    FWIW and future reference, BrooksRimes, you should thank someone when they do you a favor. I don't even get myTrack but took my time to research this for you and find your answer. And actually you could have called myTrack and let them tell you. Peace. :cool:
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