Is Yahoo done deal?

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  1. Instead of paying $37, I think Microsoft will just pay $31-33 per share, but will reserve 2B to keep the talent. Everyone would be happy. Not big rally for the street, just fine.
  2. I shorted 10 Oct 17.5 put @0.45, if the deal didn't work out, I will keep the shares
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    I just hope something happens, so tired of hearing this news, enough already, MSFT said last week that they were going to walk away, a week later its still in the news. Lets hope this is the last of the news we hear out of these 2 companies. YHOO should just settle already with the 40 billion dollars, the stock would be trading around 17 bucks if it were not for MSFT buyout...
  4. Absolutely would be around 17 two months ago, but would be around 23 now without the Microsoft Bid,...since the market has recovered in general.
  5. Thats a good trade.

    Makes sense.
  6. if this happens, which stock should i buy?.. msft or yhoo?...which stocks price will benefit more?
  7. Still buy Yahoo - Msft is desperate...
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    SEATTLE (AP) -- Microsoft says it's dropping its three-month-old bid to buy Yahoo because the two sides can't agree on an acceptable sale price.
    Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer says in a letter sent to Yahoo on Saturday that the software maker was willing to pay $47.5 billion for Yahoo. That's $33 per share.

    Ballmer says Yahoo insisted that Microsoft pay at least $53 billion. That's $37 per share.

    Microsoft's original offer was $44.6 billion, or $31 per share.
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    Why buy it at 31 when you can buy it at 21?

    stock price was going to 21 anyways

    it's called hostile takeover been done many times:)
  10. Looked like I am going to get my shares, cool!
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